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The information on this page comes from Sims on the USS Constitution-B. This planet is being developed by the whole of the crew and information is collected from their sims, establishing various pieces of information as ship canon.

Endaasi is a class M planet in the Marchlands, dedicated to offering a broad variety of Vacation styles. The native species, the Endaasi are famous for their massages.


  • Class: M
  • Native Species: Endaasi (Species)
  • Length of day: 27 hours
  • Sun/Moon: 1 sun, 3 moons
  • Notes: large deposits of mondite across the planet, including the Tat'si Mountains, make conventional communication and sensor blackout areas


There is not one climate on the planet, but various climate zones across the globe.

  • I found out there is a whole vacation planet in the Marchlands. It's called Endaasi and it has several climate zones and environments like snow and jungle, even swamp or tropical. And the native inhabitants are famous for their massages. Doesn't that sound great? ~ Jalana Rajel


Endaasi has several continents and Oceans.

  • The view screen showed a lovely vivid blue planet, clouds in some parts, others were cloud free. She could see different areas, continents that were clearly different climate zones. It reminded her of Earth that had everything from Jungle, desert, ice, temperate or water nations. Jalana was quite curious and eager to explore some if not all of it. ~ Jalana Rajel
  • This planet also has oceans. Real big ones. ~ Edward Spears

In many mountain areas sensors, transporters and Communications may cease to function due to residue in the rocks, that includes caves in those mountains.

  • The most likely explanation for that is the presence of large amounts of Valsatarium mixed with Sodium veins in certain areas of the crust. The minerals were found on the planetary surveys and can have a disruptive effect on sensor signals. ~ So'Mior

A unique material found exclusively on Endaasi is the mineral Mondite.

  • Mondite, that was one of the minerals that had factored heavily in the planetary report. So far they had not been focusing on it for it was not the sort of mineral that blocked sensors nor was commonly associated with fault lines. But it was strongly associated with solar energy. ~ So'Mior


Various wildlife inhabits the planet, suitable for their respective climate zone.

  • The sun shone and she could hear some sounds that she assumed were wildlife. ~ Jalana Rajel


Endaasi has seven different kinds of arachnid. Three of them small, harmless and dangerous. Four of them are larger.

  • Oolathu
    • Throughout the entire pen was a massive network of webs. And spaced out on those webs were, as he could count, a half dozen arachnid-like creatures worthy of a certain tactical officers ‘nope’ status. And while they varied in size, the largest ones were roughly the size of an Argo buggy. Larger, counting the span of their eight legs. They were fuzzy or looked like it. Covered in hair. Possessed of several sets of compound eyes, six sets or so he counted. Eight legs far larger than the already robust bodies they had. A spinneret. Two of the smaller ones were weaving more web into the larger if aesthetically lovely framework. And pincers. Or mandibles. Or whatever they were called. He couldn’t ever recall. They are soft. Some breeds of Oolathu are docile enough that one can ride them. They spin much of their silk that the Endaasi weave it into clothing. As well as industrial tethers and the like. It’s quite strong. ~ Elias Kincaid
    • A variation lives in the Tat’si Mountain range and Valley: Thankfully it was several hundred yards away but she could see clearly the large, fuzzy legs and rough shape of a spider near the size of a buggy crawling between some rocks far down below the path they were on, moving into some trees. Its hair or fur or whatever was a vibrant orange hue, with faint silver tinting or so she thought. It was difficult to make out at this distance. ~ Lystra


  • Endaasi Needle Runner: An elusive native bird. It was a stunning shade of bright blue with white accents, and stood over a metre tall with its neck fully extended. Its wings were small and underdeveloped, but its legs were large and powerful. Great claws on the bottom of its feet scratched and scraped at a fallen log, ripping into the bark and exposing some grubs inside which it eagerly snatched up with a long, needle-like beak. (...) The bird was almost impossible to view, as it was notoriously skittish and surprisingly good at hiding for being so colourful.


  • Carnivorous plants: This planet has fifteen types of carnivorous plants. But the biggest is only about a half a meter tall. ~ Cade Foster


Different regions are connected via transports. Transporter platforms provide a menu to choose the destination and beam momentarily. E-Guides are provided as well in lieu of maps and in-person tour-guides. For those who prefer scenic routes, shuttle services are provided to travel from one area to the other.

  • I was told that every zone has a transporter system connected to the others and maps as well as an e-guide will be provided. ~ Jalana Rajel


Various Caves

  • I’m looking at going caving. I’ve found an interesting collection just north of here. ~ Seja Yito
Golguth Caves

The Golguth Caves have a nice walking path through them... Stalactites and stalagmites galore, it looks like. Oh, and it says there are Endassi experts that enjoying walking with tourists. ~ Lazarus Davis

    • The caves! They go on for, say, 35 or so of your kilometers. A lot of that is in branching paths, though. The longest single path is about 5 kilometers. ~ Dr. Squash-O
    • Every room, as it were, has something impressive to see. But, I can recommend a favorite of mine: there’s a trickling waterfall that dribbles into some hot springs. Those drain into a small lake. ~ Dr. Squash-O
      • The path was winding but the floor of the cave was neat and easy to traverse, with only gentle inclines and declines along the way. And true to his word, ever time the path opened up into a room, there was a stunning geological feature. Massive stalactite and stalagmite formations. Some looked like multi-tiered cakes. Others looked like imposing gothic pipe organs. One looked like a stone forest. But in the middle of a corridor, they felt a change in humidity and a slight shift in temperature. As they rounded the bend, the lake was revealed. ~ Dr. Squash-O
Helthala Cave

The northern extension of the Golguth cave system, that runs through this part of the continent. It was less frequented but left more to be explored.

  • "The great creator carved them [these caves] out, many cycles past. Deep within, there is a river that my people traveled to the very core, where the world glitters and the ancients can be heard. The river is still there, but few take the perilous journey in these modern times. ...] Our legends say carved by the great Creator, but Creator’s tools are not like ours. Water, pressure, erosion, time. Many cycles past this area was flooded, great amounts of water passed through, cutting the stone like knives." ~ Cave Guide (written by Cade Foster)

Canyons and Oasis

  • There's an arid region that advertises incredible canyons and an absolutely paradise oasis. ~ Edward Spears
  • Odessia Canyon
    • A second later and the cool air of the hotel lobby was replaced by a hot blast of dry desert wind. Ess blinked in the sudden glare and looked around them. Rust-coloured rocks stretched off all around them, dotted here and there with short, wiry trees stubbornly clinging to the sandy ground.
    • Off to one side a visitor centre promised information and refreshments to visitors and beyond that the ground suddenly gave way to the start of a steep drop into the canyon below. Essen wandered over to the visitors centre. Several holographic interactive maps sat outside, depicting hiking routes of varying difficulty. "Apparently they offer base jumping from a cliff just up the way." ~ Sinda Essen
    • The Gorn looked around at the brown and red boulders and ravines that dotted around the segmented area where the transporter and other tourists were. Nugra shielded his eyes for a moment to peer farther in the clean heat to make out the massive canyon cut across the planet's surface like a badly healed wound. They could see a lot from all the way around. ~Nugra
    • Reds and browns as far as the eye could see, and the air on Endaasi was so clear that that was quite a long way indeed. The air way dry, and the temperature warm. ~ Solaris McLaren


Tat’si Mountain range
  • A spectacular mountain range, the peaks snow-capped, the sides steep and granite-grey, carved by glaciers. Between them lay a valley, narrow but beautifully green. A small river of meltwater ran through it’s centre, whilst slender trees cloaked the mountains’ lower slopes. A few buildings stood near the transport pad, including one stall that seemed to be stocking all the little things intrepid hikers might have forgotten to bring. In the distance was a small town but the clear signage indicated that the ‘Wild Walker’ path was the one which wound up into the foothills. ~ Saveron
  • "The valleys of the Tat’si Mountain range have been inhabited by the Soin people for two hundred and thirty generations, traditionally in small herding communities, who would be semi-nomadic during the warmer months and return to their village during the snows. Carved by glaciers during the last ice age, the mountains are rich in iron and beryllium ore as well as fossils from an ancient seabed. The Soin people had a rich remembered history, passed on telepathically from generation to generation, including creation myths involving the constellations, and the legend of the Wild Walker." ~ Inscription on a plaque at the beginning of the 'Wild Walker Trail' / Saveron
Hal'ita mountain

A big mountain housing numerous cave systems, among others the Golguth Caves and the Helthala Cave


  • Tehra Desert
    • Colours ranging from ocher to purple opened in front of T'Aven's eyes. An ocean of sand in front of her reached further than the horizon, framed by a mountain range on one side and the multi colours dusk sky. The sun peeked out from behind a dune in the far distance, ready to visit the other side of the planet. As T'Aven stepped from the platform she turned to look in the other direction showing the same picture, though she spotted what looked like a temple structure in an acceptable walking distance. Above the mountainrange three orbs faintly glowed in the sky in various sizes due to their differing distances, the Moons of Endaasi. ~ T'Aven
    • She found a small area surrounded by random stone formation that protected the area from winds, the ground was hard enough to not sink into it with every step. ~ T'Aven


  • The waters were so blue that they didn’t look natural in the slightest. It was so clear that you could see down to the bottom with the clarity of the most expensive diamonds. The water was pool temp and ready to swim in year around. Trees surrounded the area providing optimal shade, but enough sunny spots that Sawyer could work on his tan while swimming. ~ Ravenna Carter

Strands of Silver Ranch

A Ranch that houses Oolathu and allows to ride them. And Endaasi called Koo’tono works there.

According to the guide, it covered nearly five thousand square acres of land. Mostly woodland, which the ranch itself, the buildings were all built within. Elias cast his gaze back out into the center of the large pen. It was high, built around several dozen large and quite tall trees that reminded him of oak forests from back home. It had a curved roof that the trees stuck right through and kept going. And seemed to be built with ecological care in mind. Throughout the entire pen was a massive network of webs. And spaced out on those webs were, as he could count, a half dozen arachnid like creatures worthy of a certain tactical officers ‘nope’ status. And while they varied in size, the largest ones were roughly the size of an Argo buggy. Larger, counting the span of their eight legs. ~ Elias Kincaid


All regions provide rooms to stay, in the style of their respective region, but full service provided is equal in all of them. Some areas may provide extra services depending on their location. Transporter platforms and shuttle transport are located close to the accommodations.

Temperate Zone:

Several hotels invite visitors to stay. The buildings are tall and capable to host big groups of vacationers.

Dewy Mornings Resort
  • The Hotel the Constitution Crew first stayed and had their party in.
    • She couldn't wait to sleep in a hotel and just enjoy the full service and now materialized on a small raised platform outside of a building with - she counted one row after the other - eight floors. It wasn't the only hotel, neither in the area nor on the planet, but it had been one with available rooms for the crew if they desired to stay. There was a second one on stand by not far from here, just in case those rooms were not enough. ~ Jalana Rajel
    • Mark Two walked through the greenery speckled ground of the hotel on Endaasi slowly, a look of wonder was creeping over his boyish face. The further he walked the more beautiful it becomes, from the sculptured grounds that looked like someone had carved the greenest, softest moss into voluptuous curves to the archways that were clotted with big red flowers so fat that they trailed down in vines that spilled into bursts of perfume and petals. It was all cut through by a white stone pathway and a million golden lights that promised to twinkle once the sunset. Slowly Mark’s jaw dropped as he twirled to try to take it all in. ~ Cade Foster
    • The opportunistically named ‘Sunrise Cafe’ was located within the hotel complex but not within the main building. Rather there was a pleasant path through manicured gardens where large, tropical flowers bloomed with the morning light, down to what was really one end of a large pond, full of colourful fish that fought each other for any insects that happened to land on the water, or the fish food which was being tossed in by an Endaasi caretaker. Tables and chairs were set by the edge of the water, and the cafe itself was a small building with an open, airy design, much like the hotel itself, but half-hidden in the greenery. True to it’s name, the cafe was open as the sun was rising, rather earlier than some of the other eateries within the complex, and the perfect place for those who tended to be early risers to break their fast. ~ Saveron

Desert Zone:

Tehra Desert
  • The Oasis Retreat in the Tehra Desert was everything those in search of adventure and relaxation might wish for. Comprised of a series of round or oval buildings in a rustic style, with large, shaded verandas between and plenty of secluded decks where the breeze blew pleasantly, it was an intriguing mix of safari lodge and day spa. The whole was centered around a natural spring, fringed with trees with large leaves shaped like a fan, part of which had been harnessed into a series of pools for swimming or relaxing beside. There were numerous self-guided walks and treks, and a range of guided adventures with everything from cliff-climbing to wildlife spotting to group meditation. One group of tourists who didn’t need any guidance for meditation was the collection of Vulcans who were making their way at a sedate pace along one of the walking tracks from the Retreat. This particular route promised picture-perfect dunes, wind-sculpted rock formations, a wadi where rare flowers bloomed, and high probability of local wildlife. And, if one stayed out for the day, a truly spectacular sunset. The group passed through a region of wind-sifted dunes, the sands in shades of ochre, perfectly smoothed and shaped, and conversation fell by the wayside as they appreciated the quiet peace of the open desert, with it’s gently rolling sands. Before long the track brought them to the first point of interest for this particular walk; a lookout over a canyon, a great crack in the landscape where old seismic activity had rent the ground and rare water had carved further. The view was quite spectacular. ~ Saveron


  • Oolathu Silk - Quite a strong arachnid silk. Used for the weaving of clothing as well as industrial tethers. ~ Elias Kincaid
  • Jewellery - Handmade Jewellery sold at markets ~ Ket Shoba

Food & Drink


  • A coffee like beverage served in a tzarera (Coffee shop)
    • It appeared to be a tray full of glasses, and the beverage within them smelled...almost but not quite completely unlike coffee.
    • He sat down, placing the tray in the middle of the table and immediately started passing out glasses. They were cool, just below room temperature.
    • Lazarus took a sip of the merbata. Definitely similar to coffee and raktajino in that it had roasted, bright, vegetal flavor (despite a unique flavor profile, this was almost floral!). But different in that it had an almost fermented kick to it. Curious, but invigorating.