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Intelligent Lifeform Index

Four Letter Code ENDA
Federation Status
Planet of Origin Endaasi
Encountered CON: Shore Leave, 2397
T/E Rating T3
Current Tech Level Unlisted
List of Named Endaasi

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This Species was introduced by Lazarus Davis

The Endaasi are the native species of Endaasi. They are a gentle species that can be prone to fits of fancy. The Endaasi have never known war and can be somewhat innocent.

Home System

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  • Companions:
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Home World

See also: Endaasi (planet)
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  • Diameter:
  • Gravity:
  • Axial Tilt:
  • Orbital Period:
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  • Classification:
  • Surface Water:
  • Atmosphere:
  • Climate: Several climate zones and environment like snow and jungle, even swamp or tropical.[1]
  • Terrain:
  • Population:





Their movement is delicate and intricate as if they were jellyfish in the sea.


They are loosely humanoid, as they lack a true head. Their brain, as it were, is distributed across their entire body. The "head" is two round, pleasing stalked eyes, an exposed olfactory bulb, and an orifice for ingestion.

They stand about 1.8 meters tall, upright. They are bipedal, and have two arm-like appendages. Most of the their skeletal structure is comprised of a substance more like cartilage than bone, giving them a wavy and flowing sort of movement.

They lack sophisticated vocal tracts and cannot verbally speak beyond grunts.

Despite this configuration, most humanoids generally find their form to be pleasing in its symmetry and proportions.

Endassi do not have typical external humanoid sexual organs but they do have an erogenous organ that is visibly and functionally similar to typical humanoid sexual organs, and can express itself in either a concave or convex manner at will, depending on the mood/desire of the Endassi.

Sex, Gender, and Sexuality

The Endaasi are a sexed species, typically expressing as two sexes with minority groups of additional sexes. However, their sexual dimorphism is not visible; the primary differences being internal organs for fertilization and gestation. Their reproduction is mediated by the electrolytic gel in their hands, as well as telepathy. There are no known instances of Endaasi seeking to reproduce outside of their species.

As such, their society has no rigidly defined concept of gender. Their vestments and self-expression are typically related to emotions and desires. As such, Endassi have a wide variety in how they choose to present themselves.

Endaasi sexuality is hard to explain in typical humanoid terms because of the decoupling of erogenous experiences and reproduction. Specifically, they do not consider experiences with their erogenous organs to be a reflection of their sexuality but rather an enjoyable and intimate activity, typically shared between close friends or partners in private.

Endaasi typically, but not strictly, form monogamous relationships and can include any combination of sexes.


They are touch-telepathic. Their cultural practice is to read a person's mind upon meeting, exploring their experiences to better understand them. Instead of privacy, they hold "forgetting" sacred. Before the conversation ends, they come to an agreement about what may be remembered by both parties.


As mentioned in the Telepathy section the Endaasi do not have a spoken language but they communicate with telepaths. In cases of talking to a group, the Endaasi have several options.

  • Talkboxes that translate thoughts to voice
    • These talk boxes are in a few chosen locations across the planet. They are installed in tables and it is not mobile. The Endaasi has to touch the padd which translates the Endaasi brain waves into speech.
    • Translations may be wrong or spotty as interpretation from Endaasi telepathy to words is not always accurate or possible
  • Commpads that mediate telepathic thought to a group. A conduit connects commpads, and still works on the principle of touch.
    • "Squash-O placed a hand on his commpad, and “spoke.” His thoughts travelled through his hand, and onto the commpad. The pad connected to a conduit, filled with spiked electrolytic gel and signal boosters. Each researcher received the message through their commpads. Limited to touch telepathy, the Endaasi solution was to simply extend the range of touch. It had its limitations, of course: no way to direct thoughts to one person over another, no way to moderate the comm lines. Just a simple physical connection between Endaasi. But it was easier than gathering everyone together to hold hands. The invention of commpads eventually lead to Endaasi mind-computer interfaces, like their talkboxes. Of course, as an experimental and resource-intensive technology, there were precious few of those on Endaasi." ~ Squash-O/Lazarus Davis
  • Holding hands as a group so that thoughts can travel from person to person.






Endaasi typically wear light tunics or shirts with shorts, and sandals, but will vary their attire by climate as needed. To typical human tastes, their attire can appear more like stage costuming instead of clothing: everything is a little "extra." Depending on the social setting, Endaasi sometimes wear hats perched on one or draped across both stalked eyes. Garments resembling ascots are a hot fashion item as well.

Endaasi Massages

Their hands can secrete an electrolytic gel and produce a low-level electrical field, which is one of the draws of this pleasure planet. Their massages are fabled!


Naming Conventions

Traditional Endaasi naming conventions follow this pattern: [surname]-[first name]. Surnames tend to be translated as verbs, and first names as single letters. For example, "Lean-R," "Sat-N," "Bounce-D." Though this naming convention is widespread in contemporary Endassi culture, there are plenty of counter-examples to these conventions and the Endassi are accepting of those that abandon this tradition.


  • Oolathu Silk - Quite a strong arachnid silk. Used for the weaving of clothing as well as industrial tethers. ~ Elias Kincaid
  • Jewellery - Handmade Jewellery sold at markets ~ Ket Shoba



Endaasi Villages are made from natural materials built around one structure made of stone, an open common area that was commonly frequented by the whole village. Villages remain in place for ten generations before the inhabitants move to a different location to give the area back to nature and allow it to recover from the strain. [2]



Starfleet Intelligence Files

The USS Constitution-B began their shore leave on Endaasi following the exornoration of Fleet Captain Jalana Rajel.[1]


The Endaasi were created by Lazarus Davis.