Emergency Medical Hologram Mark VII

The Emergency Medical Hologram (EMH) Mark VII is a holographic program normally installed on the USS Kitty Hawk. In early 2400 it was transferred to the USS Jemison during a joint wargames exercise with Hirogen, and in mid-2400 was transferred to the USS Independence-B as part of their crossover to the Mirror Universe.



The Mark VII is unique among its peers for its unexpected and dry sense of humor, which manifests in his propensity for suggesting unorthodox medical treatments. This may be part of the program's attempt to cultivate a good bedside manner while maintaining a professional, serious demeanor.

Despite his serious demeanor, he is known for his dry wit, which often results in unpredictable and humorous interactions with patients and crew. Notably, the EMH Mark VII rarely smiles, maintaining his stoic expression in a wide range of situations. His voice is a deep baritone, adding a distinctive character to his interactions and medical directives. The EMH Mark VII has been observed engaging in leisure activities, such as reading comics on a PADD, during periods of low activity in Sickbay. His favourite comic book series is T'Senara.

Medical Abilities

EMH Mark VII is fully equipped to handle any medical emergency and possesses all medical knowledge available up to the year 2400. He is also capable of creating and replicating essential medical supplies.

One of the hallmarks of the Mark VII's approach to medicine is his suggestion of unorthodox treatments.