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!style="background:#F0F0F0"|<font color=black>Chief of Security</font>
!style="background:#F0F0F0"|<font color=black>Chief of Security</font>
!style="background:#F0F0F0"|<font color=#000000>Ensign</font>
!style="background:#F0F0F0"|<font color=#000000>Lieutenant JG</font>
!style="background:#000"|[[File:Daniel_Cain.png|75px|link=Cain, Daniel]]
!style="background:#000"|[[File:Daniel_Cain.png|75px|link=Cain, Daniel]]
!style="background:#F0F0F0"|<font color=black>Assistant Chief of Security</font>
!style="background:#F0F0F0"|<font color=black>Assistant Chief of Security</font>
!style="background:#F0F0F0"|<font color=#000000>Ensign</font>
!style="background:#F0F0F0"|<font color=black>Security Officer</font>

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Embassy of Duronis IIUSS Thor

Template:NewEmbassy The Embassy Security department is responsible for the security of the Embassy and all persons within. The Security Department monitors the internal status of the Embassy using internal sensors, and is ready to deal with any emergencies as they arise.

Embassy Facilities

The Embassy has a seperate building for the main security area and a Visitor's security area in the Embassy itself. There are also many smaller offices scattered throughout the Embassy Complex. These smaller offices provide specialized security for the areas they serve.

Main Security Areaa

The Main Security Area is located in a separate building on the Embassy ground. The area is broken up into five parts: the Chief of Security office, a Security Briefing room, the armory, a main brig, and a series of detention cells.

Visitor's Security

Visitor's Security (A.K.A. The Welcome Center) is located off the main foyer is designed to blend into the grandure as a extention of the visitor welcoming. This office is open faced for easy visitor access as it doubles as an informational station. This softens the the effect of it's true purpose - signing in, weapon scan, and imaging for visitor identification.

USS Thunder-A Facilities

The Security Office's are located on Deck 15, entering from the corridor, there is a small corridor that branches left and right, to the right is the Office of the Assistant Chief of Security (ACoS) and to the left is the Office to the Chief of Security (CoS). The briefing room has two entrances one from the office of the CoS, which only they use, and one attatched straight to the corridor.

Security Office

Chief of Security Office

The Chief of Security's office has a small Tactical Display mounted on the wall to the right of the desk, to the left of the desk is a door which takes the Chief to a small corridor which links with the Assistant Chief of Security's Office and is the main entrance to the CoS Office, at the left of the office is a glass door which bears the logo of Starfleet and the Registry Number of the USS Thunder-A, this leads on to the Security Briefing Room/Command Operations Room. The Cos and the ACoS, may decide to decorate the room accordingly, in this case the current CoS has decided to place a Starfleet Flag coloured in Security Gold behind his desk.

Security Briefing Room/Command Operations Room

Security Briefing Room

There are two entrances to the fully functional Security Briefing Room/Command Operations Room, one from the CoS Office and the other from the Corridor, both are doors are different the glass door leads fromt he CoS Office and bears the logo of Starfleet and the Registry Number of the USS Thunder-A, the other is a standard door on a Akira Class Vessel. The layout of the Security Briefing Room/Command Operations Room is much similiar in the layout of the USS Enterprise-E's Briefing Room, the main difference is that instead of a display cabinet, the Security Briefing Room/Command Operations Room comes with a viewscreen for Stellar Cartography arrays and overlays which include a large tactical display of the vessel, two replicators and enough chairs to seat eight personnel.


The Brig

Located on Deck 15, the Brig is a restricted access area which only entrance is from within the Security department. Protected by reinforced walls and bulkheads as well as double reinforced door. The Akira class vessel has 10 double occupancy cells and 5 single occupancy cells. The USS Thunder-A also has holo emitters fitted in its Brig as part of the EMH programme, the emitters can be used as a deterrent against large prisoners by adding extra holographic security personnel to the Brig, also if the Brig needs to be sealed the EMH can still enter and treat the injured.

The Double occupancy cells contain 2 beds, a retractable table and chairs, a water dispenser, and a toilet. The 10 double occupancy cells are secured with a level 10-forcefield emitter built into each doorway.

The USS Thunder-A has been fitted with 5 single occupancy cells with multi-phasic shielding fitted into each doorway. This allows Borg to be safely contained therein, if ever necessary. These cells contain a bed, a retractable table and chair, a water dispenser, and a toilet.

Detention Cells
Detention Cells

The detention cells on board the Akira-Class vessel were used to house large numbers of prisoners at a time. They were originally designed on the USS Voyager to cope with a large number of prisoners rescued when replying to a distress call. However, they have been intergrated into the latest Akira-Class designs to cope with any situation which arises.

The Armory

The Armoury is spread over two decks (14-15 section's A-D) its location is a restricted area and is under constant guard. The room is sealed with a level 10 forcefield and can only be accessed by personnel with Alpha 3 security clearance. Access can be gained from both decks, once inside the armory movement between decks can be achieved by a staircase on the left hand side or a lift used for anitgrav carts. Primarily the lower deck is for maintance and repair of weapons and equipment, along with storage for spare parts or indeed spare weapons and ammunition, however multipule personal weapons lockers can be found here for the crew's personal weapons as well as visitors. The top deck contains the standard storage facilities for general weapons. The Armoury is run by the Master-at-Arms or the Senior Armoury Officer, who inturn reports to the Chief of Security.

Firing Range

Phaser Range

The phaser range is a facility located on Deck 14 that allow Starfleet personnel to practice aiming and firing their phasers. It consists of a circular stage set in a large empty area. The area around the stage is illuminated, but everywhere else is dark. Flashing spheres of light of different colours and moving at various speeds serve as the targets. Two people can be accommodated on the stage at any one time. The phaser range is heavily shielded, the walls being composed of a Duranium alloy, which can absorb setting 16 phaser blasts without taking a scratch.

Normal phaser recreation and practice is used with a type II or type III phaser set to level 3 (heavy stun). The person stands in the middle of the room, with no light except for the circle in the middle of the floor that the person is standing in. Colored circular dots approximately the size of a human hand whirl across the walls, and the person aims and fires. After completing a round, the amounts of hits and misses, along with the percentage of accuracy is announced by the ship's computer.

The phaser range is also used by security to train ship's personnel in marksmanship. During training, the holo-emitters in the phaser range are activated, creating a holographic setting, similar to what a holodeck does. Personnel are "turned loose" either independently or in an Away Team formation to explore the setting presented to them, and the security officer in charge will take notes on the performance of each person as they take cover, return fire, protect each other, and perform a variety of different scenarios. All personnel on an Akira Class are tested every six months in phaser marksmanship.

There are 25 levels of phaser marksmanship. All personnel are trained in the operation of phaser types I and II up to level 14. All security personnel on a Akira Class must maintain a level 17 marksmanship for all phaser types. The true marksman can maintain at least an 80% hit ratio on level 23. The Akira Class carries both the standard phaser rifle and the new compression phaser rifles.

Weapons & Equipment

The Akira Class carries enough type-I and type-II phasers to arm the entire crew. Type-III phaser rifle and the new compression phaser rifles are available as well, but only in enough numbers to arm approximately 1/3 of the crew. Heavy ordinance is available in limited numbers. Crew memebers are allowed personal weapons but they must be registered with the Amroury, it is an offense not too.

Weapons Manifest

  • 500 x Type-I Phaser
  • 500 x Type-II Phaser
  • 170 x Type-III Phaser Rifle
  • 170 x Compression Phaser Rifle
  • 25 x Isomagnetic Disintegrator
  • 80 x Modified Polaron Emitter

Equipment Manifest

  • 5 x AntiGrav Cart
  • 50 x Armband Tricorder
  • 100 x Biodamper Armbands
  • 200 x Portable Personal Weapons Case
  • 100 x Large Weapons Container
  • 10 x Federation Head Mounted Camera
  • 200 x Mark VI Tricorder
  • 200 x Mark VII Tricorder
  • 4 x Portable Emergency Transmitter
  • 20 x Forcefield Generator
  • 20 x Transport Inhibitor


Security Senior Officers
Insignia Rank Portrait Character Name Current Post
04-LtCommander-Gold.jpg Lt. Commander Irina2.jpg Irina Pavlova Chief of Security
02-LieutenantJG-Gold.jpg Lieutenant JG Daniel Cain.png Daniel Cain Assistant Chief of Security
01-Ensign-Gold.jpg Ensign Jico Rylo.png Jico Rylo Security Officer


Security Staff Officers
Insignia Rank Character Name Current Post Played By
B-o2.png Lt.JG Delvia Corsetto Security Officer Della Vetri