Embassy of Duronis II/Security Facilities

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The Embassy Security department is responsible for the security of the Embassy and all persons within. The Security Department monitors the internal status of the Embassy using internal sensors, and is ready to deal with any emergencies as they arise.

The Embassy has a seperate building for the main security area and a Visitor's security area in the Embassy itself. There are also many smaller offices scattered throughout the Embassy Complex. These smaller offices provide specialized security for the areas they serve.

Main Security Areaa

The Main Security Area is located in a separate building on the Embassy ground. The area is broken up into five parts: the Chief of Security office, a Security Briefing room, the armory, a main brig, and a series of detention cells.

Visitor's Security

Visitor's Security, also known as The Welcome Center, is located off the main foyer is designed to blend into the grandure as a extention of the visitor welcoming. This office is open faced for easy visitor access as it doubles as an informational station. This softens the the effect of it's true purpose - signing in, weapon scan, and imaging for visitor identification.