Embassy of Duronis II/Offices/Historian and Archaeological Specialist's Office

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With the completion of the Cultural Annex near the back of the Embassy's grounds, the modest offices here in the main building have been cleaned up and renovated. Still located at the end of the hall on the upper level, the contents of the rooms have been relocated out to the Annex.

Now when one enters they finds themselves in a small reception area with two padded metal seats against an inner wall facing a wooden reception desk, staffed by a Starfleet yeoman. The color scheme is whites and beiges, with light colored natural wood polished here and there. Polished hardwood floors feature a native Laudean woven carpet runner between the seats and the reception desk. A door situated in the same wall as the chairs lean against leads to the official office of the chief historian assigned to the Embassy.

This office is much more like a sitting room, featuring the same color scheme and use of wood as the outer office, a small desk in the far corner, and the large ceiling-to-floor viewing window that gives a rather picturesque view of the city and landscape, as well as the compound itself. Comfortable chairs and couches encircle a carpeted area and surround a glass topped coffee table. The two end walls are covered in bookshelves, and the inner wall opposite the window sports a massive painting several meters high and wide, done by a native Laudean. The painting is of ancient ruins on a hilltop at sunset. The Embassy's chief historian would use this room to receive special or important guests. Any actual work would be better accomplished in the offices and labs out in the Annex.