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The Ambassador's Office is located in a secured wing of the Embassy Complex. It is only a short walk from the [Ambassador's Residence] -designed with an older Ambassador in mind. The Office area actually incorporates a Reception a scretarial area, a small private conferencen room, a turbolift and the actual Ambassadorial Office


  • Lt.Cmdr. [
    • Senior Counsel & Clerical Assistant
    • red-haired Rutian woman who has been friends with Rocar since the Academy.
  • Yeomen [Katie Colt]:
    • Ambassadorial office Secretary
    • Shy young terran but incredibly efficient and dedicated in her work

Reception Area

  • "Upon reaching the end of the corridor you will be greeted by a T-

-tasking. It is also where many senior staff come to get their gossip in addition to answers to official questions without getting Rocar out of meetings.

Ambassadorial Office

  • A Holoportrait of Gwendolyn Hilzarie holding two twin babies (Xan and Cheliz) on the day of their birth.
  • A desktop computer