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Starfleet personnel utilize the Embassy of Duronis II's many offices for their day-to-day duties.



Finding the Romulan's office too ornate and dark for her taste, Captain Turner had it redecorated to make it a light airy the space, and more inline with her minimalist taste.

The office is located on the second floor, adjacent to Meeting Room A, where she holds briefings with her Senior Staff.

Executive Officer

The First Officer's office is located on the second floor, near the Rear Admiral's office and Meeting Room A.


See also: Ambassador's Office

The Ambassador's Office is located on the second floor of the embassy. The office area actually incorporates a reception and secretarial area, a small private conference room, a turbolift and the actual Ambassadorial Office.

Strategic Operations Officer

The Strategic Operations Officer's Office is located inside of the Embassy next to the Security Chief's Office to facilitate the sharing of information and coordination of personnel. The Strategic Operations Officer is responsible for coordinating the activities of Security, Tactical, and Marines for the Embassy.


See also: Historian and Archaeologial Specialist's Office