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The mission of the Medical Department is to ensure that Starfleet personnel get the care they need for their physical and mental health. Medical Division personnel are also often deeply involved with research projects of their own and work closely with their colleagues in the Science Department.

The medical facilities are housed in a seperate Medical Center on the Embassy grounds. The first floor of the Medical Center houses the CMO's office, a conference room, three surgical suites, a lab, two private recovery rooms, and many biobeds. The second floor of the Medical Center has four more recovery rooms, a gym and health centre, and a physical therapy area. The second floor is also where you'll find the Chief Counsellor's Office, four smaller therapy rooms, and two rooms dedicated to sleep and psychological testing.

Emergency Medical Hologram (EMH)

The Embassy Medical Unit is equipped with one EMH named Bobby (affectionately called, Doctor Bobby), that supplements the medical staff during times of emergency, and also serves with the relief team. Bobby is capable of diagnosing and performing treatments by tapping into the over 2,000 medical references in its data bank.