Embassy of Duronis II/Living Quarters/Ambassador's Home

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The Ambassador's Residence is designed for both comfort and business, able to serve as both a workplace for the Ambassador themselves and as a place to both live in and entertain guests.

Located in the Embassy grounds, at the rear if the main complex, the Residence is surrounded by gardens, giving it both a pleasant environment and a certain degree of seclusion from the everyday hustle and bustle of the rest of the facility.

Formerly Romulan in design and origin, the Residence has been remodeled several times over the course of the Federation's tenure in area, and little of the original decor and fittings remain. Once thing that has been maintained, however, is the presence of an array of discrete security features, intended to ensure the safety of the Ambassador should some emergency require it.


Whilst the full schematics of the Residence are Classified for security reasons, an general overview is not hard to ascertain.

Ambassador's Residence

First Floor

The main working area of the house, containing a fully equipped kitchen and dining areas (suitable for semi-formal entertaining), the Ambassador's Office, and general lounge and living areas.

Second Floor

Guest quarters, also used for the Ambassador's family should any be present.

Third Floor

The Ambassador's Master suite and private living area.


Though the Residence is set among the Embassy's grounds, it has private facilities as well, including a garden - including vegetable plots - and patio/pool area.