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Single's Room


There are Studio and One bedroom styles of rooms available for Singles in the Watch Tower. Occupants can custom decorate using a replicator that is installed in each room. Most of the Singles' rooms have third floor view of the garden trees.

Double's Suite

Doubles room.jpg

A one bedroom suite is available for married couples. Larger than both the studio or one bedroom given to singles the double's suite offers a private getway. Each unit has a master bedroom, a bathroom, a living room , and kitchenette with food replicator.

Family Apartments



A two and three bedroom style apartment is available for officers with children. Each one contains a master bedroom, one or two bedrooms, a bathroom, living room and a kitchenette with a food replicator. All of the first floor rooms have a working fireplace along with a fire supression system should it get out of hand.

The Decorated Rooms