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The Intelligence Department at the Embassy on Duronis II is responsible for gathering reliable intelligence on the activities in the Duronis system and surrounding areas, including information on the Romulan Star Empire and The Zalkonian Suzerainty. The Intelligence Department is also responsible for keeping the other departments up to date with the latest intelligence that applies to their operations, performing counter-intelligence operations, and assisting other departments on orders.


All intelligence facilities are available on the Embassy Support Vessels and the Federation Embassy. The Embassy Intelligence facilities are located underneath the Embassy in the basement, along with the Situation Room, the Strategic Operations office, and the underground hangar bay.

The Black Lab

The Black Lab

Intelligence Lab 1, aptly nicknamed the Black Lab due to its black fixtures, has three main features: Two universal consoles, a replicator and small eating/meeting area, and a Blacknet station. The two universal consoles are connected to the ship’s communications and sensors systems, as well as the ship’s main memory. The replicators use the same database as the main computer and the table sits 6 comfortably. The blacknet station uses its own independent subspace transmitter/receiver and requires voice and retinal recognition, as well as a personalized security code.

The White Lab

The White Lab

Intelligence Lab 2, nicknamed the White Lab due to its mainly white fixtures, has four main features: Two universal consoles, an Intel Station, a large viewscreen, and an advanced holo-communicator. The two universal consoles are connected with the ship’s science, tactical, and engineering research and analysis systems. The Intel Station has a unique computer core and operating system that makes the analysis of different types of data from varied sources more efficient, effective, and intuitive. The large view screen is independent from ship’s systems and only connected to the consoles and stations in the Intel Labs. Finally, the White Lab is equipped with an SFI issue advanced holocommunicator. This allows the intelligence officer to step onto the platform and communicate with others who have access to a holocommunicator or holosuite in a mallabe holo-environment.

The 'Hive'

The Hive has a main "situation room" in which any ongoing operation can be monitored. Screens around the overhead can depict any image from any post in the Federation and Allied worlds, and some non-allied worlds through the stealth satellite system sprinkling the Federation borders. SFI can access any commercial comm satellite for continuous, real time information through ingenious backdoor programs which allow for traceless monitoring anywhere. Encrypted two way comms also allow the Hive to contact and direct operatives during an operation.

The Hive has the capability to also monitor Laudean satellites and has broken Laudean military and government codes (highly classified). It also has its own separate computer system but also encrypted access to the support craft mainframes. The facility also has a secure lab for analysis, a separate small brig, weapons locker, head and showers, replicators, dressing rooms and its own separate subspace array for encrypted communications.

The Hive is restricted access to personnel with Beta Two clearance or higher. The Hive at the Embassy is situated thirty meters below the facility in solid rock. Access is through a secure stairwell and turboshaft, with tunnels leading to the Marine Barracks, hangar bay, and Armory. Each section of tunnel can be sealed off in case of emergency by duranium blast doors. The facility is designed to take a direct hit from a quantum torpedo.

Project Looking Glass

Project: Looking Glass & The Shadow are HIGHLY CLASSIFIED

Starfleet Intelligence also has a small fleet of ships, called Project Looking Glass. These ships are under the command of a Director, who is under the authority of the local Fleet Captain or Admiral. These ships, mostly older classes like the Mirandas, have been rebuilt from the keel up to incorporate the latest in sensors and stealth technology. Designed to deflect sensors and diffuse weapon locks, the ships hulls over their armor have been coated with a material to almost render the ships invisible to sensors and almost impossible to track. The only way to see the dark hulled vessels is if you happened to be looking out a viewport at extremely close range. They are equipped with advanced weaponry, but their role is not to fight...theirs is to survive to return with the information they have gathered.

They are further equipped with advanced computers to quickly analyze and collate information and dispense it in real time to covert operators in the field. Fighters also operate from these ships, able to penetrate enemy defenses and carry out sensitive operations in less than friendly space. A classified number of operatives also use the ships as a base of operation. The ships were all taken discreetly from the Starfleet Reserve Fleet depots throughout the quadrant, with the former name of the ship stricken from the records, a veritable Ghost Fleet. The ships do have new names, but even that information remains classified. The ships squawk no ID, and navigation lights are dark. There are six of them, spread around the Alpha and Beta quadrants.

The Shadow

The Shadow is a stealth fighter loaned by Starfleet Intelligence to Duronis II Embassy. It has all the capabilities of a regular shuttle, but it is equipped with the stealth technology and black matte hull with no markings. Only selected personnel can fly the shuttle, and can either be found at the Embassy or embarked on the Thor during missions. It has an enhanced sensor array and standard weaponry.


Duronis II Embassy Crew Manifest
Insignia Rank/Title Portrait Character Name Duty Post
Lt. Commander
Savan Intel.jpg
Chief of Intelligence
Brayden Jorey
Special Operations
Lieutenant JG
Hunter Stelin
Intelligence Officer


Duronis II Embassy NPC Roster
Insignia Rank Portrait Name Species and Sex Current Post Posted By
Lieutenant Commander
Kamela Allison Human female Intelligence Officer Hannibal Parker


Duronis II Embassy NPC Roster
Insignia Rank Portrait Name Species and Sex Current Post Posted By
Marine Captain
Hella Boslic female Covert Actions Toni Turner