Embassy of Duronis II

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The Duronis Embassy is a prospective SIMming location based on a planet, where the Federation, Romulans, and Zalkonians have a stake in trying to "woo" the Laudeans to become allies.


SIM Quick Stats

  • Race: the Laudeans (like "Human")
  • Native name for system: the Luxis system (like "Sol system")
  • Native name for planet: Tilhon (like "Earth")
  • Federation name for system: the Duronis system
  • Federation name for planet: Duronis II (like "Terra", or "Sol II")

Introductory Teaser

The Laudeans achieve warp flight uneventfully, without immediate intervention from higher powers or alien beings. Instead, they are afforded a fair bit of solitude for a few months, until around the time the warp phenomenon gains newsworthy level on Tilhon.

StarFleet authorizes First Contact with the Laudeans, which seems to go over in a rather lukewarm manner. It quickly becomes evident that, while warp flight is amazing, the news of a alien civilizations is society-shattering.

The government of Tilhon (or, Duronis II, as it is called by StarFleet personnel) makes small efforts to receive their new ambassadors in as orderly a way as possible, while civil unrest begins to grow. The people believe the monarchy should do more to welcome the new guests, while the monarchy clearly feels threatened by Federation eminence.

-down of their society from members of the Federation.

--covered marble monolith in a remote dessert, covered in archaic pseudo-Romulan markings.

Despite these incursions, the Federation does its best to warmly bring the Laudeans into the galactic fellowship. Presenting small milestones in technology and new commercial venues to trade wares, the Federation argues that the Federation has the most to offer the Laudeans. As all three non-Laudean empires put in effort to garner favor with the people of Tilhon, the son of the emperor is sent on a tour of Earth and Vulcan; an (unsuccesful) attempt to convince the population that the monarchy is accepting of the new aliens.

As the Prince redies to return home, after having visited Federation worlds, Tilhon erupts into a chaotic cauldron of social upheaval. A massive coup is staged by thousands of non-aristocratic individuals, operating in a world-

The Federation swiftly retreats off-world, urging both the Zalkonians and Romulans to pull out until the violence of the civil war is over. Both comply.

Giving the Laudeans a little more than two months to settle the chaos, the Federation, Zalkonians, and Romulans return to Duronis II. The new government, (among in-fighting and disagreement), offers the three empires embassies on their world in the hopes of fostering trade and aiding in making a better decision on who to trust. The Federation is the first to accept, and have a crew on-site within a few days.

Exuberance is quick to die, though. Less than 24 hours after the offical welcome ceremony, a bomb explodes inside the Federation embassy, killing most of the team and destroying the entire building.

Federation members are outraged, demanding immediate restitution and withdrawal from the volatile situation. The Laudeans are humiliated and infinitely apologetic, their new world leaders begging the Federation to return and offering a new, lavish embassy for the Federation, complete with a host of security measures. Amidst rampant controversy, the Federation advisors accept, but stipulate that StarFleet construction engineers must be involved during the entire process. To protect their own interest, both the Romulan and Zalkonians decide to build their own embassies as well.