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Embassy of Duronis IIUSS Thor

The Science Department is dedicated to the heart of Starfleet's mission: exploration. Officers in this department come from various backgrounds of knowledge, from the natural sciences to anthropological studies. The department is responsible for searching Starfleet archives for information pertinent to current events. Science Officers provide the crew with relevant information on any encountered anomalies, unknown vessels or races etc.

Embassy Facilities

The Science Tower is located in one corner of the Federation Embassy on Duronis II. The tower, it's personnel and it's facilities are overseen by the Embassy's Chief Science Officer, at this time a Starfleet Officer, and her staff. The labs in the tower are responsible for conducting day to day research as well as assisting with research critical to Starfleet's mission in the region. The pentagonal tower stands ten stories tall with another four levels below ground. The building contains it's own Bioneural based computer system, backup power systems, and dedicated Starfleet Engineering team to handle day to day facilities needs.

The Lobby of the tower is open and glassed in on all sides. Seating has been laid out around the perimeter of the room to offer those waiting for appointments places to sit and relax. The Lobby is open and large enough to hold gatherings that outsize the lounge areas in the facility. Parties that outstrip the lobby usually move to one of the official reception rooms in the Embassy itself. Wide and open stairs lead up the second floor.

The second floor contains the administration offices. The CSO has an office suite here with office and an attached small meeting room, with the department’s yeoman having an area directly outside the office. The Department’s senior NCO has their office on this floor. This floor also contains the department’s library, as well as its independent computer core, and control access for the building’s sensor arrays.

The fourth basement contains isolated laboratories for classified work, often working in tandem with Starfleet Intelligence. Access to the floor itself is strictly controlled by the CSO and local head of SFI.

There are two lounge areas in the facility, one on the first floor near the rear of the building, and another on the seventh floor near the Hazardous Materials work area. The lounges serve as rooms for meal breaks, informal gatherings and general social centers of the facility.

The Tower has two lecture halls, one on the first floor and another on the fourth floor. Used for lectures, visiting speakers, and larger briefings. The fourth floor lecture hall is more popular due to two of the walls being windows and offering very nice views.

Dedicated sensor and communication arrays are located on the roof with controls in various departments.

A full layout of the science facility can be found here.

Cultural Annex

Attached to the old Embassy that has since been taken over by the Laudean government, the Cultural Annex was neglected during the Romulan influenced era. Some looting occurred, material was stripped by both the Romulans and Laudean criminals. With the Romulans generally expelled from the planet and the Laudeans taking over the attached embassy for their own use, restoration of the Annex became a project of the Education Ministry in partnership with the Federation. The Ministry has taken a strong stand on recovering lost cultural artifacts and has asked the Federation's assistance in some parts of this.

When the Annex was first constructed it was attached to the Federation Embassy. Since that time, the Federation has taken up residence in a new location. In an effort to keep the Federation Embassy included, the rail systems that connects the Governmental Offices at the old Embassy to the City center has been extended down the coast to the current Embassy, providing easier access for both diplomats and academics.

A full layout of the Cultural Annex can be found here.


The Science Department is divided up into six subordinate divisions, with a seventh, Archeology and History, operating under it's own Chief Officer, but receiving Admin support from the Science Department. Each Division is lead by a Division Officer and assisted by a Chief Petty Officer and a Lead Petty officer. Sub-Divisions are run by Staff or Warrant Officers. A detailed layout of the Science Department's organization can be found here

Embassy Science Crew Manifest
Insignia Rank/Title Portrait Character Name Duty Post
Lt. Commander
Iperia Sh’relis.jpg
Iperia Sh’relis
Chief Historical and Archaeological Officer
Delan Han.png
Delan Han
Chief Science Officer


Embassy Science Staff NPC Roster
Insignia Rank Portrait Name Species and Sex Current Post Posted By
Petty Officer Second Class
Talia Kellis Betazoid female Yeoman Delan Han