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|SHIP=Embassy of Duronis II
|SHIP=Embassy of Duronis II
|BLURB=While the Thor goes off on a mission, The Thunder tracks down Orion Slavers.
|BLURB=While the Thor goes off on a mission, The Thunder tracks down Orion Slavers.

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Embassy of Duronis IIUSS Thor


Missions 2395

  • Stardate 239507.15-239509.26
    • While the Thor goes off on a mission, The Thunder tracks down Orion Slavers.
Skull Reef Logo.jpg
Skull Reef
  • Stardate 239505.08-239507.07
    • A shakedown cruise of the newly repaired USS Thunder-A goes, almost predictably, very bad.
Disposable Heroes
  • Stardate 239503.01-239504.16
    • Most of the Embassy Crew disobeys orders to rescue one of their own.

Missions 2394

Return to Paradise
  • Stardate 239412-239502
    • The Thor returns to Kjenta II to rescue stranded Starfleet personnel.

Salty Profit.jpg
Alternative to Warp
  • Stardate 239410-239412
    • The Thor investigates a series of Graviton Pulses from within the Expanse.
Fracking Reality
  • Stardate 239408-239410
    • The Senior staff has taken the USS Thor out for a shakedown cruise, but something is going very wrong.
Guerrilla Uprising
  • Stardate 239404-239406
    • An explosion kills several Pro-Federation Laudeaun officals and starts a conflict with anti-Starfleet forces.
The Lost Son of Leto
  • Stardate 239402-239403
    • While testing a new engineering device in the Typhon Expanse a runabout crew has an unexpected encounter.

Missions 2393

Family Troubles
  • Stardate 239312-239402
    • Captain Waltas' son uses his telepathic abilities to take control over Toni to exact revenge.
Toni Tyr.png
Turner-Waltas Wedding
  • Stardate 239309 - 239311
    • Toni Turner weds Tyr Waltas in huge celebration on Duonis II with attendees from all over the galaxy.
Crises of Identity
  • Stardate 239307 - 239308
    • The Crew of the Embassy on Duronis II uncovers and Orion plot that would destablize the beta quadrant and works to put a stop to it.
Be My Friend
  • Stardate 239305 - 239307
    • The USS Thunder-A tries to stop a runnaway freighter from crashing on Duronis II and the Embassy 'Shadow Team' try to uncover a mole at the Embassy who has been feeding intel to the Orion Syndicate.
Hunting A Fugitive
  • Stardate 239303 - 239305
    • The crew of the Embassy takes on the Ferengi criminal Deka and The Zone.
Chandra's Tree House
  • Stardate 239301- 239302
    • The crew of the Embassy on Duronis II searches for Vedek Anora Neyal, Ambassador and mother of Anora Manar.

Missions 2392

Shi'Kar Class.jpg
History Lesson
  • Stardate
    • USS Bronwyn went to it's shakedown cruise. Near the edge of the system it encountered the anomaly similar to the one that disabled USS Victory, but this one pulled a little ship and Bronwyn passed through it on the other side. Ship was not disabled, but was damaged and they had to return to shipyard for repairs... only there was no shipyard in the system.
Luxis III Anomaly
  • Stardate 239202 - current
    • USS Victory joins USS Thunder-A in assisting Laudeans in setting new mining colony on Luxis III. With appearance of the anomaly over Luxis III mission soon goes west.

Missions 2391

Gaev's Gambit
  • Stardate 239111-239202
    • Political instability on Duronis II cuts the the Thunder's shore leave on Ba'Ku short when the Laudean Prime Minister is abducted.
Fear of the Unknown
  • Stardate TBA
    • A strange Zalkonian brings news of a small persecuted organized minority of the Zalkonian people. They need the help of the Federation and the crew of the Embassy on Duronis II. In fact, their survival very well may depend on it.
Future Lost
  • Stardate 239105.05 - 239106.01
    • Four ships had been lost in space, one of them being a Laudean freighter. A garbled distress call was all the evidence they had to go on, so the USS Thunder-A NCC 70605 headed to the coordinates of the missing ships and attempted to investigate the anomaly. Several probes were launched and lost, and fighters sent to investigate…until the anomaly began to grow and took two fighters to the other side…..
The Haunting
  • Stardate 239102.09 - 239104.01
    • An ancient book discovered in the tomb of Hapha Myn, written in ancient Til'ahnese tells a story of an ancient winged people who shared the planet with the people of Til'Ahn and took pity on them when succumbed by a plague.

Missions 2390

Testing the Slipstream
  • Stardate 239010.25 - 239012.13
    • The Vitruvius mission was to install a brand new slipstream drive to the USS Thunder-A giving her the chance to sail farther than she had ever gone before. Installation went according to plan with a quick work and prep for a shakedown cruise. It would not remain peaceful though for the drive malfunctioned and hurled the USS Thunder-A 30,000 light years at the edge of the beta quadrant. With the drive down, the mission to find a way home has begun.
Invasion of the Bluegills
  • Stardate 239007.01 - 239009.14
    • The truth about the unrest on Til’ahn has finally been revealed for the crew of the USS Thunder NCC-70605-A. An infamous parasite long kept secret from everybody, but those in the upper echelon of the Federation has surfaced again moving quickly to infest the inhabitants of Duronis II
Laundean Woman.jpg
Laudean Unrest
  • Stardate 239004.13 - 239006.2
    • When it came to the civil unrest on Duronis II, the situation for the crew of the USS Thunder NCC 70605-A had not improved. After the loss of Lt Cmdr Jaxon Mc Ghee and his team, the Thunder was able to re-locate them in an unusual place.
Thrallian Station
  • Stardate 239004.13 - 239006.25
    • TBA

Missions Pre 2390

Antares Freighter.jpg
Freighter in Distress
  • Stardate 238911.20 - 239002.05
    • The journey of the USS Canis Major to Earth was interrupted on course for Betazed, when the bridge picked up a general distress call from the SS Galactic Hauler.
The Brotherhood
  • Stardate TBA
    • TBA
Mitigating Mayhem
  • Stardate TBA
    • An unknown substance called Mayhem has been wreaking havoc on the population on Duronis II.
Prelude to a Kiss
  • Stardate TBA
    • While a Borg Tetrahedron travels toward Duronis II, the Embassy makes plans of how to keep them from assimilating the planet and all its inhabitants.
The Mysteries of Damadora
  • Stardate TBA
    • Heading to Damadora province under the command of Captain Montgomery, the Embassy senior staff had a simple task...track down Captains Rocar and Rourke (who, unbeknownst to the crew that consider them AWOL, are themselves on a quest to track an Omega Particle.)
Unhealthy Changes in Manaria
  • Stardate TBA
    • TBA
Poverty in Bryque
  • Stardate TBA
    • TBA
Murder Most Foul
  • Stardate TBA
    • TBA
The Sandbar Incident
  • Stardate TBA
    • TBA
Political Kidnap
  • Stardate 238112.26 - 238203.25
    • New crew arrives to Til'ahn and during the reception in which credentials for a new Ambassador were presented to Prime Minister his fiance Lia was abducted. Lia was taken through the secret passage before this incident known only to Aristocracy and Federation granted asylum to former Laudean Crown-Prince, Indivar Mohan; will Our representatives be able to prove it's not their fault.