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Embassy of Duronis II


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Lab 1 is where the Fielding abilities are studied. This is where the effectiveness of a fielder is estimated and their senses compared to the Federations energy sensing equipment. !douet souirtes! is the head lab worker in lab one.

During the "Invasion of the Borg" Lab One becomes a key focal point in developing new weapons that will assist in defeating the Borg. As the studies of Fielding abilities progressed they became aware of an approaching Borg Tetrahedron leading the science team to question the fielders abilities. A Tetrahedron is not a know Borg configuration.

Phoenix at sphere variation 4.jpg

Opening sphere inside tetrahedron tb.jpg

The tetrahedron is an evolving almost temporal Borg anomaly most likely containing the Borg Emperor. Not much is know of the Emperor except the war like conquest of space he needs. He is very much a bon vivant in many ways as the inner sphere of the tetrahedron is systematically perfect. This sphere expands in an exponential curve accelerating the configuration beyond the understandings of the federation or any non-Borg species. Below the tetrahedron is an image of the tetrahedron as it expanded into the size of the image above. The Fielders have become hypnotized by studying the tetrahedron. Only mind melds and electro shocks are able to bring them out of their hypnotized state.

In the sim how a tetrahedron becomes a cube Lab 1 is busy studying the way the Borg Tetrahedron evolved into a cube. The energy exchange dynamics, the temporal fluctuations and the multidimensional distortions caused by this change can be felt everywhere by the fielders league. The sensors in the lab became pinned to their limits as this happened. The Borg cube could now be studied from the inside out by the fielders. The flaws in the cubes design was slowly becoming obvious to the fielders. The problem is bringing the fielders out of their hypnotized state with effecting their memory of the cube.