Embassy Intel: Newsfile 501

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Duronis II - Til’ahn Planet-Wide Broadcasting System - City of Grai in Manar Laudean News Feed 238303.17

His Grace Nuren Aadi stood nervously behind the podium, waiting for the cue that would begin the live planet-wide feed. He did not know if he could be successful in the endeavor, but he was willing to risk everything to try to bring peace to his planet again.

He took a sip of water, then took a deep breath, and at that moment the producer signaled. He began his plea to the Laudean people.

Many of you know me as His Grace Nuren Aadi, but today I appeal to you, not as a Coven Leader, but as a Laudean, and citizen of our great planet.

In the days that have followed our elections, we have seen our friends and neighbors perish in bombings, rioters running rampant in our streets, vandals pilfering our businesses, people poisoned by food tampering without discrimination, and our Guyver crops diminished by fires. Our work forces have come to a virtual stand still, and already, some of our children are crying from hunger.

Unfortunately, we, the people, have failed to recognize the threat these actions are to our planet. It is easy to blame the leaders of the political parties, the Off-Worlders, or both, for these acts of terrorism, but they are not the ones who are destroying our economy. They are not the ones indiscriminately killing our people... sadly it is we, the citizens of Til’hon, who are allowing it to continue, and it is we, the people of Til’hon, who threaten to destroy ourselves.

I implore you to put down your arms and hatreds, and work diligently to return peace to our cities and country sides. Yes, the elections were important to our planet, but it’s well-being is entrusted to us, and it is only we who can bring our citizenry to order through patience and understanding.

“What can I do,” may be your question, but the answer is simple. Join me in asking your friends and neighbors to help bring peace to our lands.

Thank you.

With heartfelt tears in his eyes, Nuren Aadi stepped down from the podium.::

Sim by Toni Turner