Embassy Intel: Newsfile 016

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Duronis II - Lokesh City Free Press New Distribution System Laudean News Feed 238303.13


A horrific bomb that exploded in the Market Place of Lokesh City this morning is said to be the reason for the cancellation of the Planet-wide protest planned by tomorrow. Casualties were heavy, and in some cases with entire families were destroyed. Listed among the known dead are:

Rakin and Soroi Rahi and Caki, their two-year old son, and daughter, Sora.

Lt. Obyal Vasax, a Laudean Lieutenant and cousin of Rakin Rahi cousin.

Retlian Fexa, a Laudean Peddler.

Further... The Gusto Tavern on Beach Street, adjacent to the Market Place, was also destroy in the blast, taking it's owner, Balvido Gaev, and all the employees with it.

This bombing and the one at Lake Pwyll made the Royalists and Traditionalists, who had organized the protest march, rethink the validity of having the people mass together in one place.


Now into it's second day, there seems no end to the riot outside the gates of the Zalkonian Embassy. So far they have not tried to enter the Embassy gates, but who knows what will happen should the riot escalate. It has been undetermined why rioters chose to target the Zalkonians over the other Off-Worlder's embassies.