Embassy Intel: Newsfile 015

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The Planet-wide protest planned by the Traditionalists and Royalist Parties for tomorrow will start at 1500 hours. The two parties have organize this march, to let Ahishma Chandra know that people are tired of all the violence her procrastination is causing in an attempt to get her to make a decision as to which party will receive her Parliament seats.

Anyone wishing to participate in this march should assemble at the Library in your town. From the Library, the march will proceed to your town's Office of Authority.

It is hoped the this march will be the peaceful assembly it was intended to be.


A pre-dawn explosion destroyed a camp near Lake Pwyll in Devi Province at the foot of the Quentisi Mountain Range. It is not clear exactly what kind of camp it was, but our source indicated that it was used as a summer camp for children, and presumed to be closed for the winter. However, locals South of the Lake Pwyll area said that the area was seldom visited, and they had no knowledge of any kind of camp, but for the past 48 hours they had notice a good bit of shuttle craft activity near the site of destruction.