Embassy Intel: Newsfile 013

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Duronis II - Lokesh City Free Press New Distribution System Laudean News Feed 238302.24

FIVE MORE DEATHS ATTRIBUTED TO BOMBING When we reported last night's bombing Laudean Authority Building five people were reported as missing, but today they were found huddled together under a stairwell. The deaths were due to smoke inhalation. This brings the toll up to 15.

FOOD CONTAMINATION IN TANAL AND BRYQUE RESORTS Five resorts in the Provinces of Tanal and Bryque have had to close their facilities due to food contamination after 64 people were rushed to the hospital last night. Samples taken at the five resort areas were analyzed and the results were conclusive for several Class 3 pathogens (spoilage organisms).

The Restaurant Owners' Organization was dismayed by the findings, saying, "We could understand it, if one or two restaurants were involved, but with over 197 involved, most of which have different food suppliers and methods for handling food, we can't help but feel this is the work of terrorists who want to cripple our economy. Tourism is the lifeblood in both Provence's."