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At 1100 hours tonight, the 4-story Laudean Authority Building on Commerce Street was destroyed by a bomb that had been left in a land vehicle outside the front door. Details are sketchy at this point, but over 7 people were injured, 5 are listed as missing, and 10 are known dead. Some of these people were working in the building as employees of a local janitorial agency, and others were prisoners and guards at the Authority Building.

One of our reporters interviewed a man who witnessed the vehicle being parked.

Reporter: Tell us what you saw...

"I was on my way home when I saw two land vehicles pulled up to the front of the Authority building. They stopped, and two men got out the first one. Both had hoods over their head. They jumped into the second vehicle, and sped away. I sensed that I should go for cover, and just as I made it around the corner, I heard a horrific explosion and the land shook violently. When the dust settled down some, I looked back and saw some people crawling out. Another man helped me pull some to safety, but by then the fires were out of control.. it was awful..we could hear the people inside screaming...and... we could not do anything... to help them."

Reporter: The man became too emotional to continue, but what he had to say summed the descriptions given of several other witnesses.

There is some speculation that the bomb was an attempt on the life of Paetra Zrong, the Deputy of Authority and Populists Leader. Indications were that he had been in the building approximately 30 minutes prior to the bombing, but had left with his assistant for a late meeting. It is not known if Zrong has been notified of the bombing.

Editorial Comment: We feel that tonight’s bombing, along with the burning of crops, is a sad footnote to the resent Elections, and until one of the parties has gained the Parliament seats needed for a clear election, that similar, or worse, acts of terrorism will continue. We can only hope that a decision will be made soon.