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Guyver Crops Ablaze

Two farms in the Province of Govinda, have reported that their Guyver orchards have been set ablaze, and is threatening nearby orchards. Govinda Fire fighters are doing everything possible to be the blaze controlled, but at this point, they are calling for every available fire fighting unit to come to their aid to try to salvage what's left of this years bumper crop. Gavinda Province produces over 55% of the Guyver crop for the entire planet.

The Govinda Authorities believe the fire was started in the wake of today's announcement that the Laudean Garment Makers Association and the Guyver Growers Council were contacting Naturalists’ leader Ahishma Chandra, to urge her to support the Popularist agenda by relinquishing control of the 92 seats gained in Parliament on Election Day.

Authorities speculate that the fires were started by Royalists sympathizers.