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Garment Makers and Guyver Growers Show Support to the Popularists

In a joint press release issued today by the Laudean Garment Makers Association and the Guyver Growers Council, Salim Fu'ad, Regulator for the two groups, announced that they would be contacting Naturalists’ leader Ahishma Chandra, to urge her to support the Popularits agenda by relinquishing control of the 92 seat the Naturalists gained in Parliament on Election Day.

Fu'ad said, “Even though the groups endorsed the Naturalists point of view, we feel it is to our advantage, and the advantage of the Laudean people, to now throw our support to Paetra Zrong, leader of the Popularists Party. Prime Minister Zeon Zrong has never been receptive to the plight of the Guyver Growers, even though he knows the delicate balance of nature needed to produce substantial crops of the edible fruit. He has also failed to consider the ramifications to the Garment Industry when the Guyver crops fail. We depend heavily on the fruit’s by products to make material, and feel that Paetra Zrong will be more sympathetic to both groups needs.”

He continued, “We want to be able to offer quality clothing to the people of Til’hon at a competitive price. Zeon Zrong has made that near impossible as his agenda has been slanted more toward imports from other planets. Our groups also offer a huge block of employment opportunities to the Laudean people, and everyday we see those jobs dwindling. We feel that Paetra Zrong’s stand against his brother, holds a more appealing scenario for the two industries.”

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