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Students Demonstrate

This morning over 500 Lokesh City University students converged in the Market Place to demonstrate their support for Paetra Zrong. Clad in "Paetra Zrong for Prime Minister" t-shirts, and carrying hand held signs, they are urging the other political parties to pledge the Parliament seats they won in the election to the Popularists Party to give Paetra Zrong a clear win in the elections.

So far the demonstration has been a peaceful assembly, with one exception... After the news that the Royalists' had given their 36 seats to Zeon Zrong some of Royalists students began to heckle the Demonstrators. Tempers flared between two students, and blows were exchanged, but the fight was quickly broken up by the other student demonstrators and the Laudean Authority. No one was arrested.

One demonstrator said, "Paetra Zrong won the popular vote, and we feel that it would be prudent for the other parties to give their seats in support of the people, no matter how small the margin."

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