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Parliament Says No Recount

After Zeon Zrong, leader of the Neo-Modernist Party, filed a complaint alleging vote-rigging, Parliament convened to discuss the possibilities of a ballot recount. However, they found that the allegations were unwarranted.

The complaint stemmed from a large number of voters who complained that their names were missing from the electoral rolls in the Provinces of Govinda, Tanal, and Bryque. However, since they had their voter identity cards for using voting machines, they were allowed to cast their ballots. Those votes were withheld until their names could be verified with the Laudean Department of Voter Registration. All of them proved valid and were added into the election tallies for each providence.

Zeon Zrong was disappointed by the actions of Parliament, but after the situation had been explained to him, he conceded that the vote was valid, and dropped the complaint.

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