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Duronis II - Lokesh City Free Press New Distribution System Laudean News Feed

Laudean Day of Laughter Postponed Due to the disaster of the Orion Freighter Thentahas, Government officials, have postponed today's Laudean Day of Laughter holiday for one week, saying that "it would be in poor taste to hold the holiday as scheduled." The announcement was met with an overwhelming approval.

Officials went on to say, "While Laudeans were not involved in the disaster, we feel that this move will show the aliens on our planet that we are sensitive to their needs and are, without a doubt, a caring people."

In the local news...

Holiday and Election Reminders

  1. February 5 - Laudean Day of Laughter (Postponed as noted above)
  2. February 12 - Laudean Election Day

Quentisi Mountain Range Braces for Blizzard The Quentisi Mountain Range of Devi Province is bracing for a blizzard. The storm is expected to hit the area by 4:00 local time, and is expected to produce wind speeds estimated as high as 32 mph (51 km/h). Area residents and tourists have been issued a warning to stay inside due to the sub-zero temperatures and blinding snowfall. Further, food provisions and organic heating should be stockpiled for the emergency. Ten feet of snow or ice as precipitation is predicted.