Embassy Intel: Newsfile 002

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Orion Freighter Meets With Disaster The Orion Freighter Thentahas, that was reported earlier to have sent out a universal distress call, has blown up, fragmenting into Laudean space. It is not known how many of the crew survived the disaster, but conservative estimates project the death toll to be at least 150 or more, if there was a full crew on board.

The Federation's USS Resolution was joined by the USS Ronin in the rescue effort, but it is unknown how many, if any, they were able to safely beam off the freighter. It is unknown why the USS Ronin is in the area.

Our sources report that the Thentahas had been hired to make a delivery of unknown cargo to the Zalkonian Embassy, however, the Zalkonian Ambassador refused to comment on the specific nature of the delivery, saying only that it was supplies to meet their needs.

Stay tuned for further developments on this story.

In the local news... On the local front, the Guyver Growers Council reports that this year they will be producing a bumper crop. This is not only good news to Guyver lovers, but to the Garment Makers Association. The residuals from the thick leather-like coating from the melons is used in the production of materials. Looks like the ladies in the audience will have a good selection of clothing to choose from at the local merchants' this year.

Holiday and Election Reminders

  1. January 29 - Laudean Day of Laughter
  2. February 12 - Laudean Election Day

Election Update Paetra Zrong is gaining in popularity in the Prime Minister race, while his brother, Prime Minister Zeon Zrong seems to have lost momentum due to his silence. However, at this point, projections still favor the incumbent. The younger Zrong does not seem to be worried, and had taken a day of rest at his Beach Villa.