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Duronis II - Lokesh City Free Press New Distribution System Laudean News Feed

Ion Storm Threatens Freighter Earlier today Lokesh City Free Press picked up a universal distress call from the Orion Freighter Thentahas saying that the ship had been caught in a spatial ion storm. The panic stricken voice said, "If anybody can hear this, we urgently request your assistance. Please help us..."

Our sources at the Federation Embassy indicate that the USS Resolution was in the area and has answered the call. A rescue team has been dispatched. The Resolution had just returned to Til'ahn after a refit necessary to repair damages sustained in the Sandbar Incident last month.

An Ion storm is a relatively common phenomena, but can present a significant hazard to ships which encounter them with damage to various systems. A Level 5 Ion storms is not much of a threat to ships, but storms reaching level 7 and up can severely damage small crafts or crafts as large as a starship.

In the local news...

Prime Minister Race Heats Up Between Zrong Brothers Deputy of Authority Paetra Zrong canceled his press conference last night, opting to canvas the Lokesh City neighborhoods, shaking hands and talking to the residents to get a better view of their needs. He said, "I feel it is my duty to listen to the people so, if elected, I can serve them better. It is one thing to be elected, but another to serve. I don't intend to stay cloistered in an office as the present Prime Minister." Prime Minister Zeon Zrong has remained quiet throughout the campaign, and again declined to make a comment on what his brother had to say.