Embassy Intel: Election Newsfile 005

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ELECTION DAY SPECIAL REPORT - UPDATE With 50% of the vote now in, its a near neck and neck race to the finish. If something doesn't break lose soon, none of the parties will have the 246 seats out of 501 in parliament to have a majority and form a government. WE urge you to get out and vote or the parties may have to form coalitions after elections to form a government.

Here is a rundown on the planet-wide vote so far this Election Day:

  • Paetra Zrong representing the Popularist Party - 37,249 votes
  • Zeon Zrong representing the Neo-Modernist Party - 36,438 votes
  • Ahishma Chandra representing the Naturalists - 35,143 votes
  • Oluwa Dela OKande representing the Royalists - 35,101 votes
  • Benu Hashiwa representing the Traditionalists - 34,928 votes