Embassy Intel: Election Newsfile 004

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Duronis II - Lokesh City Free Press New Distribution System Laudean News Feed

ELECTION DAY SPECIAL REPORT Early voter turn out for the today’s elections has been light. The polls have been open since 0700 hours and only 10% of the registered voters have cast their ballots.

The leader of the Laudeans is their Premier or Prime-Minister. He is the leader of the ruling political party (party with the most seats in the Laudean Parliament), and 246 seats out of 501 in parliament are needed for a party to have a majority and form a government. Parties may form coalitions after elections so as to form the government.*

Here is a rundown on the planet-wide vote so far this Election Day:

  • Paetra Zrong representing the Popularist Party - 5225 votes
  • Zeon Zrong representing the Neo-Modernist Party - 3243 votes
  • Ahishma Chandra representing the Naturalists - 1276 vote
  • Oluwa Dela OKande representing the Royalists - 1164
  • Benu Hashiwa representing the Traditionalists - 1125

Keep in mind that these figures represent only 10% of Devi, Govinda and Damodara Provinces, and only 8% of the Provinces of Manar, Rania, Tanal and Bryque.

Lokesh Island reports 12% of registered voters with Paetra Zrong in the lead.

According to the Duronis II/Til'ahn Wiki, in the last election, Zeon Zrong’s Neo-Modernist party won a majority by attracting votes from the masses, also attracting supporters away from Royalist and Traditionalists trends.

With Zeon’s brother Paetra Zrong having broken away from the Neo-Modernist party and founded the Popularist party for the masses, Zeon Zrong’s Neo-Modernist party is strongly weaken. Early exit polls indicate that Zeon Zrong has also lost his right wing support back to the Royalists and Traditionalists.*

The Lokesh City Free Press urges all voters to go to the polls and let your voice be heard.