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Embassy Crew History

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Embassy of Duronis IIUSS Thor


The officers below have served at the Federation Embassy on Duronis II, and are recorded at their highest fields and ranks on board.

All sections are arranged by date of service, with the most recent additions to the crew at the top of each list. Links to profiles have been added where possible.

USS Thor/Embassy on Duronis II


Characters known to be general use NPCs are listed here, while personal NPCs can be found here.

USS Thor/Embassy on Duronis II Crew History
Command Division
Insignia Rank Portrait Name Dates Notes
Commanding Officer
Rear Admiral Toni Turner 238801.20 - Present
Promoted to Fleet Captain: 238902.13.
USS Thunder lost in Klingon Invasion.
Replaced by USS Thunder-A on 238912.24.
Promoted to Rear Admiral: 239201.08.
First Officer
Lt. Commander Oddas Aria 239404.13 - Present
Administrative Officers
Ambassador to Til'ahn
Strategic Operations Officer
Special Operations Officer
Commander Brayden Jorey 239404.13 - Present
Chief Helmsman
Chief Helm, Communications and Operations Officer
Helm, Communications and Operations Officers
Deck Officer
Mission Specialist

Starfleet Intelligence
Chief Intelligence Officer/Chief Intelligence Director
Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer/Starfleet Intelligence Deputy Director
Intelligence Officer

Operations Division
Chief Operations Officer
Operations Officer
Deck Officer
Chief Engineer
Security & Tactical
Chief Tactical Officer
Tactical Officer
Chief of Security
Lt. Commander Irina Pavlova 2392xx.xx - 239209.29
Transferred back to Marines
Assistant Chief of Security
Security Officer
Armory Officer
K9/SAR Officer
Medical Division
Chief Medical Officer
Lt. Commander Boris Hendon 239106.01 - 239302.22
Transferred from Engineering.
Transferred to CMO, USS Bronwynn
Assistant Chief Medical Officer & Chief of Forensics
Medical Officer
Sciences Division
Chief Science Officer
Assistant Chief Science Officer
Science Officer
Chief History & Archaeology Specialist
Starfleet Marine Corps
Chief Marine Officer/Marine Commanding Officer
Major Hannibal Parker 239210.26 - Present
Marine Officer
Platoon Leader
JAG Officer
Civilian Contingent