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Embassy of Duronis II


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The Federation Embassy of Duronis II contains six different auditoriums of varing sizes. These rooms are used for presentations to larger groups of people.

These auditoriums are used for a wide vairety of functions, including:

  • Hosting interstellar conferences. For example medical or engineering functions.
  • Artistic Presentations: Formal concerts or theatrical pieces either presented by guest Laudean nations or from a band of visiting artists from any one of the United Federation of Planets many member worlds.
  • Informing and teaching presentations; either from a Laudean guest speaker to Embassy Staff or a Federation official educating a group of Laudeans. These groups can be anything from Laudean school children interested in the ways of the Federation, Laudean Scientists interested in Federation technology, Laudean Religious leaders and government officials interested in Federation Culture, laws, religions or history etc.