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USS Chin'toka

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Lieutenant Commander Elizabeth Snow



George Snow

George Snow was born in Holland, Michigan on Earth. He was the second son and last born to his human parents. He enrolled in Starfleet when he was 17 and worked his way through the ranks to become Captain. He is a little rough around the edges but is also a loving a devoted father and husband. He retired from Starfleet in 239605.17 to see the universe with his wife of 38 years. The years he missed with his family really had an impact on his life and since his retirement, he has done everything in his power to be as supportive and present as possible. The incident on Lake Cataria hit his heart hard and made him realize just how important his family was to him.


Rishma Snow

Rishma Omet was born on Betazed to her human father and half, human half Betazoid mother. She inherited some of her mother's Betazoid abilities, which she was able to use during her time as a doctor on Betazed. She is a loving and compassionate person with a passion to help others in need. She retired the same time as her husband to begin traveling and having adventures of her own with her husband. She raised her two children with the help of her mother while her husband traveled the universe. While her heart missed him when he was gone, her children kept her pretty busy with their rambunctiousness and competitiveness. After the incident caused by her children's prank war, things certainly changed in the Snow household.

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Emerson Snow

Emerson Avandar Snow was born 236406.15 on Betazed in their home on Lake Cataria. He is a lot like their father, but with more of a softer side. He is currently off exploring the universe learning the history of the different cultures and species that live among it. In other words, he is an Anthropologist. Elizabeth and Emerson have always been close, even with the vastness of space between them. An incident at Lake Cataria almost split the pair forever, but they came through it with a bond stronger than the one they had before.


Former Fiancée/Close Friend

Elizabeth and Lephi first met when the Ferengi walked into Sickbay to finish up her onboarding exam not long after Elizabeth was assigned to the Atlantis. Lephi asked the Doctor to accompany her down to the planet to discuss things in a more comfortable setting. They were kidnapped along with another Starfleet officer and never made it to that dinner. After being kidnapped together on Illara prime, things were rocky between them. As soon as things were repaired, the pair became really close in a very short period of time. The universe then threw a few setbacks into their path, but each time they prevailed stronger and closer. Lephi is one of the most important people in her life and the pair is currently planning their happily ever after. Due to a mission, the pair had a falling out and agreed that close friends would be a better path for them to pursue for the time being.


Close Friend

Over the year of working with the Commander, Elizabeth has grown to both admire and respect her. She looks up to Serala and adores her daughter, T'Saara. After presenting little bean with a gift for her first birthday, Elizabeth was named one of her honorary aunts and it is Elizabeth's favorite title.


Wyla Avae
Close Friend

After bumping into each other, literally, in a corridor of the Atlantis, Elizabeth and Wyla have become close friends. Wyla's bubbly personality caught Elizabeth's attention from the start. Since that day, she and Wyla base jump together, among many other trilling things on the holodeck and the Antosian nurse keeps things in Sickbay light and fun. Since the transfer of Kurt Logan Wyla has been blue. Elizabeth continues to do her best to help her friend get over her heartbreak blues and so far, things are looking up.


Stahma Omet
Maternal Grandmother

Stahma Omet is half Betazoid, half human. She and her husband met on Risa and married a few months later. He settled on Betazed with her, and they had 2 beautiful daughters. She has no filter and is a bit eccentric. She is a retired counselor. After going behind Elizabeth's back and pairing her with another, in the Betazoid tradition, the bonding. She and Elizabeth had a falling out that has still yet to be repaired.