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USS Astraeus

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Lieutenant Commander Elizabeth Snow

Elizabeth is the second born to her father, Captain George Snow and her mother, Dr. Rishma Snow. Her mother raised her and her brother on Betazed with the help of their maternal grandmother, who was half Betazoid, half human. Although they would often visit their father on the starships he served aboard, she missed having him at home.

As a child, Elizabeth was always had a knack for helping others, but she also loved exploring with her brother. They would often explore around their home and also the many ships their father served on through his journey to becoming captain. She has always been fun-loving and kind, but also stubborn and free-spirited as well, which often landed her in trouble with her parents. She and her brother were always finding themselves in trouble due to their competitive nature. A prank war broke out between the pair which nearly resulted in Elizabeth's death after a fall from a tree to the rocks at the water's edge of Lake Cataria. Luckily, she survived with just a scar. It ultimately ended the prank war and changed not only her, but her family as well, especially her brother.

As she grew older, her knack for helping others grew stronger. So, she enrolled in the University of Betazed. But she couldn't help but feel like she was meant for more. She wanted adventure, but she also wanted to help people throughout the unknown, so once she graduated from the University, she joined the Academy.

When she joined the Academy, Elizabeth couldn't settle on being a doctor or becoming a counselor. Eventually, she decided to follow her heart and become a doctor. She has a minor in psychology and another major in Linguistics. Upon graduating from the academy, Elizabeth took her oath and was assigned to the USS Atlantis as a medical officer. After two weeks of serving aboard the Atlantis, Elizabeth and two other members of Starfleet (Lephi and Wes) were kidnapped on an outing to Illara Prime. It took a bit of time to put the events of the kidnapping behind her, but somewhere along the way, she and Lephi formed a relationship.

Two months after calling Atlantis her home, the universe dropped a lot on her. The crew of the Atlantis was now transferring to the Chin'toka, her grandmother had dropped the unexpected news of her bonding Elizabeth to someone, she got promoted to Lieutenant JG and Assistant CMO, and she also lost Captain Thoran to an unknown cause. All while trying to navigate a relationship with Lephi. Things got a bit dark, and Elizabeth managed to lose herself, but thankfully she was able to overcome it with the help of her loving partner.

Since her time on the Chin'toka, Elizabeth realized just how much Lephi meant to her when her beloved picked up an unidentified box on a mission. The box detonated, resulting in a few minor injuries, but also damaged Lephi's hearing. Their bond only grew stronger. Though they have had a lot of bumps along the way, they've proven that they will just come out on the other side of things closer. Since her promotion to Lieutenant and Chief Medical Officer, Elizabeth has recently gotten engaged to her Imzadi and began the process of wedding planning while running the Chin'toka's Sickbay Complex.

Since the pair had gotten engaged, Lephi was transferred to the Gorkon. The pair were determined to make things work as even with the vast distance between them, they still felt the love from the other. Lephi had made them special necklaces that, when touched, would light up; letting the other know that they were missed and being thought of. When their schedules aligned, they would meet on Betazed during shore leave and communicate as much as they could to keep the distance between them feeling as small as possible.

During a mission to the surface of PTE - 2891’s Fourth Planet, the away team that Elizabeth was a part of lost their memories. Waking up on a planet with no memory of who she was or where she came from, Elizabeth sought comfort in a pair of green eyes that woke up next to her. During the quest to find their memories, she grew closer to the man with the green eyes and as their journey continued the pair shared a passionate kiss. Unknown to both of them that Elizabeth was engaged. Upon returning to the ship and regaining her memories, she was riddled with guilt as she told her beloved of the events that took place on the planet's surface. It led Elizabeth to call off the wedding to give Lephi the time she needed to process how she wanted their relationship to proceed from the events. After over three months of no contact from Lephi, the Ferengi Engineer finally reached out to Elizabeth where she broke the news that once again that she would be transferred. This time it was to Utopia Planitia. As the talk wound down and with heavy hearts, the pair agreed that for the time being, close friends would be a better option for them to pursue moving forward.

After a mission to move a Neutron Star and save the Lanaxan System, the Chin'toka was badly damaged. The crew was transferred to the USS Astraeus, a ship known previously to a few of the members on board.



  • Drawing
  • Handwriting
  • Reading
  • Dancing
  • Sparring
  • Parrises Squares


  • Long walks around Lake Cataria
  • Helping others
  • Roses
  • Swimming
  • Red Wine
  • Fall
  • All shades of blue


  • Bullies
  • Egotistical People
  • Serpents
  • Disrespectfulness
  • Enclosed spaces
  • Surprises
  • Heights


  • Claustrophobia
  • Acrophobia


  • Carriage: Usually perfect posture with with her head held high, arms usually to her side. Depending on the circumstances she is either casually strolling or walking with a purpose.
  • Posture: Sitting: Normally perfect posture, with her legs crossed at the ankles and her hands folded in her lap or on a table depending on what the situation is. Standing: Same posture as sitting, though sometimes her hands hanging together in front of her.

Other Things

  • Voice: Silvery
  • Off Duty Attire: comfortable mostly black leggings and a lose fitting shirt, semi formal sometimes, yoga clothes when going to the gym.
  • Favourite Food: Betazed Oysters
  • Favourite Drink: Jestral tea
  • Middle Name: Merandar - after one of the moons of Betazed


Elizabeth is fun-loving, kind, compassionate, free spirited, but serious when it comes to her work.

  • Temperament: Easy going, but stern when she needs to be.

Chronological History

236810.28 Born on Betazed in their home on Lake Cataria

238106.13 Accident at Lake Cataria

University of Betazed 238508.08 - 238903.24 - Majoring in Medical

Starfleet Academy of Betazed 238908.14 - 239707.26 - Majoring in Medical

239707.27 Medical Officer of the USS Atlantis

239708.09 Kidnapped on Illara Prime

239709.01 Medical Officer of the USS Chin'toka

239709.22 Promoted to Lieutenant JG and Assistant Chief Medical Officer

239710.08 Lost Captain Jarred Thoran

239804.25 Promoted to Lieutenant and Chief Medical Officer

239805.03 Engaged to Lieutenant Lephi

239905.23 Promoted to Lieutenant Commander

239911.29 Transferred to the USS Astraeus