Elis Nacubaq

Lieutenant Elis Nacubaq is a Bajoran whom had served as tactical officer and security chief of the USS Veritas until late 2393.[1]

Elis Nacubaq, a Bajoran male.

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During 2392, Sky Blake walked in on Elis and Brandon Cormac in the middle of a heated moment of intimacy.[2] He attempts to apologize and state that the incident would never occur again, but Blake brushes him off, citing cultural differences as cause for her nonchalant attitude. Six months later, however, he and Cormac would mutually end their relationship.

At the time of Captain Rosa Carrero's death, he'd been on Shadow's Edge running a training program for the colony's deputies, one of the few crew members with individual assignments on the colony at the time.[3][4] Along with fellow senior officers Shrmoa, Cormac and Zhou, he'd been reassigned as Captain Roshanara Rahman took command.[5] Just before the Veritas returns to the depths of the Shoals, he notes to Sky Blake his anger with the Coalition Marshals, believing that the crew should have been allowed to leave with Carrero's body so that she be laid to rest.[6]

He contacts Blake again in 2394 when Outpost 3 misses their check-in, fearing the worst and asking her to check in on the small outpost. She finds the only surviving person aboard, Cormac - a result of a pirate attack. Cormac proceeds to retire from Starfleet, and asks Elis to take him back.

Elis is described as a particularly "antsy" when stationed behind the tactical console during operations within the Shoals due to limited sensor capabilities in certain areas. Despite a love for gossip and an easy-going demeanor, it was believed he held a grudge against Crewman Rotha after the Orion dropped a supply crate on his foot.[7]


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