Eliot Ness

Former Lieutenant Commander in Starfleet.

Ithassa Region
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Military History

  • Graduated top of his class at Starfleet Academy.
  • Was CO of the USS Bribie Island, a Starfleet transport.
  • Was captured in the Kodiak's first mission in the Ithassa Region. Taken as a slave, then rescued by the Independence during a joint operation between the Kodiak, Independence and Triumphant. It is he that he met the Andorian Enri.

Ness' career after his rescue

Increasingly, after his rescue, Ness became erratic. He abruptly resigned from Starfleet, and disappeared from sight.

When he reappeared, it was as the Dread Pirate Phoenix, running an consortium of a dozen pirate vessels from his own ship the Eagle's Eyrie.

On stardate 2383.0313, the USS Triumphant was sent to capture Ness and bring him before the Federation Judiciary. They were successful in this, and Ness was sentenced to twenty years at the New Zealand Penal Settlements.