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Lieutenant Commander Elina Kincade
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Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon


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Carriage: Confident, poised

Taste in Clothing (when off duty): Much of her wardrobe is tartans, but she does have a selection of jeans and comfortable t-shirts.

Shoes: She prefers flat, comfortable sandals and walking shoes over heels, but will wear heels with dresses and skirts.

Voice: Mezzo-soprano, heavily accented (Scots burr)

Handedness: Ambidextrous in most activities

Quarters: Her quarters are decorated with brilliant colors, mostly those of the tartan she wears (green and blue). Many of the artifacts and paintings are those of Celtic culture, though she does own a painting of Betazed and of the Klingon adventure, ghllghameS.

Favorite Room: She loves the living room where she is able to see guests entering. She's very used to being surrounded by people, so she loves having people visit.

Religion/Spiritual Devotion: She is deeply pagan. It was what she was taught from birth and it still plays a large role in her life.


Elina is brave and full of confidence. She can take on the most difficult challenges in life, much more efficiently than most. And one important reason for her positivity lies in her open-mindedness. She believes in moving on and exploring. Indeed, she loves her freedom. However, this want for freedom can sometimes make her impatient and tactless.

She's a fairly easy-going person and loves a good party. Also, she's fairly level-headed, but can be fiery when angry. She believes strongly in justice and will do nearly anything to make sure it is served.


Positive: She is optimistic and always looks at the brighter side of things. This helps her to give her best even in difficult situations.

Straight Forward: The Archers will speak the brutal truth, and they always mean what they say. Their comments can, however, sometimes be too harsh and may hurt other people.

Intellectual: She is intelligent and enthusiastic, always interested in different kinds of subjects and can easily impress others with her conversation.

Philosophical: She is philosophical and has a strong sense of right and wrong. She loves to exchange views on spiritual matters.

Large-hearted: She is very generous. She can go out of her way to help others in achieving their objectives, and to lead a comfortable life.

Adventurous: She is adventurous and will never shy away from taking risks to keep the excitement alive.


Careless: She is prone to taking things for granted, and taking unnecessary risks. Her careless approach to life attracts criticism from everyone.

Tactless: Her honesty can sometimes be too brutal, which hurts others.

Impatient: She is prone to be restless and can push things too far, especially when her energy is not channeled properly.

Superficial: Outer looks mean a lot to her. Her natural tendencies mean she doesn't typically have enough patience or inclination to look below the surface to see the actual substance.

Inconsistent: Her interest in things can be short-lived, and keeps fluctuating. Thus she ends up being less efficient than she could be. She finds it extremely difficult to deliver consistent performance.

Over Confident: She can be over-confident. She tends to believe that she can do no wrong, and thus actually end up making many mistakes.





  • Theater
  • Holonovels
  • Klingon Opera


  • Rugby
  • Snooker (pool)
  • Shinty
  • Springball


She loves her freedom and thus finds travel and being outdoors very enjoyable. She also looks for any excuse to gather with others and enjoys parties (particularly Summer and Winter Orthodox celebrations). Whiskey is her preferred drink of choice and for those days when life gets frustrating, she indulges in a bowl or two of chocolate ice cream. Philosophy is a favorite topic of hers and she is always seeking someone to exchange philosophical ideas with.


Because of her free-spirited nature, she doesn't like anything that restricts her freedom, such as clingy people, being constrained or restricted, and details. Despite the fact that she doesn't like being alone, she's very picky about her choice of friends. It bothers her a great deal when she feels like someone has betrayed her. Because of her love of freedom, she's also very against situations where one person holds all of the power. Being a philosophical person, she is very intellectually-minded and becomes irritated with off-the-wall theories that have little or no evidence to back them up.