Elina Kincade/Full Timeline

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Personal Timeline

  • 235812.17: Elina is born in Inverness.
  • 237212.17: Elina receives training required of a laird's wife (as well as a lady's education, thanks to her mother)
  • 237304.14: Elina's older brother Ross teaches her to fix things.
  • 2376.08.29: Leaves for the Academy
  • 237609.16: First meets Rebecca Hollendale
  • 237609.20: First meets Fey Northe
  • 237702.01: First meets Michael McClain
  • 237703-237708: Open relationship with Christian O'Connell
  • 238008-238012: Open relationship with Nikolai Michev
  • 238509.23: First meets Tal Tel-ar/Exclusive relationship with Tal Tel-ar
  • 238512.24: Returns home for the first time in nine years
  • 238604.18: Tal transfers off the Eagle
  • 238607.12: Goddaughter Annaelise Hameldon comes to live with Elina aboard the Eagle
  • 238607.18: Elina receives a communication from Tal, who is at the time serving aboard the Challenger-A
  • 238612.24: Elina and Tal are handfasted in Scotland.
  • 238710.19: Elina gives birth to triplets.
  • 238712.25: Elina and Tal are formally married.
  • 2388: Elina takes an indefinite LOA from Starfleet.
  • 2389: Elina and Tal divorce.
  • 2393: Elina and Rebecca marry.