Eliana Miller

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Eliana Miller is a Centauran and a security officer assigned to Amity Outpost.

Crew of Amity Outpost


Lieutenant Junior Grade Eliana Miller

Background & Description

Basic Stats Appearance
  • Full Name: Eliana Miller
  • Species: Centauran
  • Sex & Gender: Female, Straight
  • Parents: Lewis & Keri Miller
  • Date of Birth: 237509.23 (age 25)
  • Place of Birth: Tarola'n, Alpha Centauri IV
  • Telepathic Status: N/A
  • Height: 5"9
  • Weight: 130lbs
  • Hair Color: Ginger
  • Hair Style: Long, Curly
  • Iris Color: Brown
  • Portrayal: Katherine McNamara