Eliaan Deron/Romantic



While on temporary assignment to the Napean colony, Vilar 2, Deron worked alongside a civilian doctor named Dyami Kwan. The two shared a mutual attraction which over time blossomed into a romantic attachment. They spent three months together on the colony and for a time Eliaan considered leaving Starfleet to remain at Dyami's side. Tragedy struck when Dyami fell victim to Viral Haemorrhagic Fever and died. Eliaan returned to medical school determined to qualify and become a doctor in honour of his lost love. He keeps a photo of the two of them on his desk in his quarters and often talks to it as if Dyami were still alive.

Eliaan had a complicated relationship with Kaedyn Tann, a nursing officer, when they were both first assigned to the Resolution. The attraction between the two men was evident at their first meeting but Eliaan struggled to reconcile his feelings for Kaedyn and the memory of the man he still thought of as his Imzadi. While acknowledging their mutual attraction, they decided not to pursue a romantic relationship right away and became friends.

After working together side by side, Eliaan came to realise how strongly he felt for the Trill and that he was allowing his grief to hold him back. They eventually began dating and spent several weeks of shore leave together on the terran colony of New Madrid where they were able to get to know each other out side of sickbay.