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Psychological Evaluation

Entry One

Final Academy Psychological Evaluation – Cadet Eliaan Deron

Evaluation conducted by Lt Kaleena Arda

I have had the pleasure of several meetings with Cadet Eliaan Deron during his time at Starfleet medical and I have found him a pleasant, personable young man. A major facet of Cadet Deron’s personality that I noticed immediately during our first session is his eagerness to please those around him. He believes that if he is able to impress others (particularly superiors) with his actions or, it will make them like him.

I believe this is a result of his family life. From his own description, Cadet Deron grew up in a home where worth was measured in achievements. His difficult relationship with his father has left him terrified of disappointing anyone. He therefore places a great deal of pressure upon himself to match up to the achievements of his family, especially his older siblings and the expectations that he assumes others have of him.

I have found a dramatic difference in Cadet Deron since his temporary assignment on Vilar 2. In many ways, he seemed considerably younger that his age before this time. He returned from this assignment, more mature and surer of his own abilities.

Having engaged in his first serious relationship, Cadet Deron suffered a very traumatic loss while on Vilar 2. In general, he remains reluctant to talk about this and I have seen benefit when trying to press him on the subject. He has reported bouts of depression, which I believe are a normal part of the grieving process. I would hope that in time, he is able to discuss this more freely with a Counsellor he trusts, accepting that he may not wish to discuss such issues during an Academy psychological evaluation.

At several points during our discussions, I wondered who was evaluating who. Cadet Deron has an interesting habit of making it seem like you are talking about him but in fact he’s not giving anything away and is steering the conversation back to how you feel or think. He is very reluctant to give too much away, although in my own experience he became more engaged during our later sessions.

While the issues described above are pertinent to Cadet Deron’s psychological wellbeing, I believe they will have little effect on his ability to act as a Starfleet officer or a physician. I hereby certify that Cadet Eliaan Deron is mentally fit for duty and wish him well in his future endeavours.