Eleni Kostas

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USS Thomas Edison
Eleni Kostas
Position Engineer
Rank Ensign
Species Human
Gender Female
DOB 236709.10
Age 32
Birthplace Amisos, Thalassia

Ensign Eleni Kostas is an Engineer aboard the USS Thomas Edison. Born on Thalassia, to Lefteris Kostas a farmer and Dimitra Papadopulos a midwife, Eleni was the youngest of four sisters. Eleni was a natural at keeping the colony's nascent infrastructure and technology running, something that eventually led her to Starfleet.


Most prized possession: a cylindrical slide rule, it was her mentor's, he gave it to Eleni as a graduation gift. It's custom made and perfectly functional and Eleni is proficient in its use.
Quirks: she doesn't like to depend too much on tech to mantain tech, hence she has trained herself in some fields other collegues consider 'outdated' , beside knowing how to use her slide rule, she also has a second-grade license in the use of the soroban (Japanese abacus).