Eladar IV

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Eladar IV is a planet in the Par'tha Expanse's Unexplored Sector, located just outside of Barahn Province space.

Eladar IV
Stellar Cartography
Region Par'tha Expanse
Sector Uncharted Sector
System Eladar (Feladona to the Feladoni)
Sun(s) 1
Moon(s) 3
Orbital Radius Ecosphere AU
Eccentricity 0
Class M
Diameter 14,100 km (8761 miles)
Atmosphere Nitrogen, oxygen, trace elements
Hydrosphere 77% of surface, saline oceans and seas with freshwater rivers
Climate Cooler Temperate with typical hot zones near the equatorial region and normal seasonal variation
Blackbody Temp 243.15°K (-29°C)
Gravity 1.1G
Primary terrain forest, swamps, plains, mountains, deserts
Points of interest Ladonnik Nature Preserve; Cave of Tears; Mosh’ka Alet Camp (underground)
Length of Day 32 hours
Length of Year 669.75 days (893 Solar Days)
Native species Feladoni (surface/land dwelling humanoids); Mekra’fari (subterranean humanoids)
Other species Elnazri (primitive) (sub-aquatic humanoids)
Official Language Feladoni, Mekra’far, Elnazran
Population 6.4 Billion (52.4% Feladoni, 36.3% Mekra’fari, 11.3% Elnazri)
Technological Classification Transitioning from F+ to G
Major cities Vlaka; Fresa
Affiliation Independent


In 2398, the planet was invaded by House Barahn forces in an attempt to harvest valuable minerals and resources from the planet's underground caves. Fortunately, the USS Chin'toka was able to prevent this and, with the help of the native Fela'doni and the Mekra'fari, was able to drive back the invading forces and secure the planet. This joint effort led to steps toward equality among the two races and, at last report, the two peoples were working toward peace.