Eladar IV

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Eladar IV
Stellar Cartography
Region Par'tha Expanse
Sector Uncharted Sector
System Eladar (Feladona to the Feladoni)
Sun(s) 1
Moon(s) 3
Orbital Radius Ecosphere AU
Eccentricity 0
Class M
Diameter 14,100 km (8761 miles)
Atmosphere Nitrogen, oxygen, trace elements
Hydrosphere 77% of surface, saline oceans and seas with freshwater rivers
Climate Cooler Temperate with typical hot zones near the equatorial region and normal seasonal variation
Blackbody Temp 243.15°K (-29°C)
Gravity 1.1G
Primary terrain forest, swamps, plains, mountains, deserts
Points of interest Ladonnik Nature Preserve; Cave of Tears; Mosh’ka Alet Camp (underground)
Length of Day 32 hours
Length of Year 669.75 days (893 Solar Days)
Native species Feladoni (surface/land dwelling humanoids); Mekra’fari (subterranean humanoids)
Other species Elnazri (primitive) (sub-aquatic humanoids)
Official Language Feladoni, Mekra’far, Elnazran
Population 6.4 Billion (52.4% Feladoni, 36.3% Mekra’fari, 11.3% Elnazri)
Technological Classification Transitioning from F+ to G
Major cities Vlaka; Fresa
Affiliation Independent