Eitan Kadosh

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Eitan Kadosh
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Eitan Kadosh

Eitan Kadosh is a retired Starfleet Marine Corps officer.

A veteran of the Dominion War, Kadosh spent much of his post-war years planetside on Bolarus IX and the Martian Colonies, which gave him a stable environment to marry and raise children. The career marine faced his latest and perhaps most difficult challenge yet when he was reassigned back to active starship duty aboard the USS Drake in 2389, which took him away from his young family.

After he was injured in the line of duty in 2390, Kadosh was sent back to Mars and then Earth for a brief stint at the academy as an instructor before he finally retired in 2391. He now works in a senior leadership position at Holt New Alliance.

Stats & Service Record


Full Name Eitan Kadosh
Hebrew איתן קדוש
Pronunciation A-tahn Ka-dohsh
Species Human
Date of Birth 235106.02
Age 49
Place of Birth Haifa, Earth
Gender Male

Starfleet Career

Training Facility Starfleet Academy, Marine Corps. Officer's Academy , 2369-2373
Commissioned 2373
Retired 2391
Final Rank Major
Final Assignment Starfleet Academy
  • Marine Instructor
Previous Assignments
USS Venture, 2373 - 2375
  • Marine Junior Officer
    • Second Lieutenant
Federation Embassy, Bolarus IX, 2375 - 2380
Icons other.png
  • Marine Junior Officer
    • Second Lieutenant
    • First Lieutenant, promoted 2377
USS Sentinel, 2380 - 2382
  • Fighter Pilot
    • First Lieutenant
USS Pioneer, 2382 - 2383
  • Marine Officer
    • First Lieutenant
Martian Colonies, 2383 - 2389
Icons other.png
  • Marine Instructor
    • Marine Captain, promoted 2383
USS Drake, 2389 - 2390
  • Marine Officer, 238906.16 - 239003.12
    • Marine Captain
Martian Colonies, 2390
Icons other.png
  • Marine Officer
    • Major, promoted 2390
Starfleet Academy, 2390 - 2391
  • Marine Instructor
    • Major

Service Ribbons

Awards ServiceRibbons Peacekeeper 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
  • Peacekeeper Service Ribbon, 2389
In recognition of the crew of the USS Drake and their efforts to preserve a peace summit on Fiyo.
  • Klingon Invasion Ribbon, 2389
  • Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon, 2392


  • Height: 178 cm (5'10")
  • Weight: 75 kilos (165 lbs)
  • Hair Color: Dark Brown/Almost Black
  • Eye Color: Brown


Kadosh has a light-hearted demeanor and speaks with a slight Hebrew accent, though it becomes a bit more pronounced when he is excited.

Personal Life


  • Spouse: Kathryn Kadosh (née Severyn, born 2349, age 51, married 2376), lives in the Martian Colonies with their children
  • Children: 2 sons, 1 daughter
  • Adam Kadosh (elder son, born 2377, age 23)
  • David Kadosh (younger son, born 2379, age 21)
  • Eliora Kadosh (daughter, born 2384, age 16)
  • Parents
  • Father: Ezra Kadosh (born 2321, age 79)
  • Mother: Miriam Kadosh (born 2324, age 76)
  • Siblings: 2 brothers, 1 sister
  • Tamir Kadosh (twin brother, born 2351, age 49): A former Starfleet helmsman/pilot who now works as a helmsman for a starliner.
  • Ayelet Kadosh (younger sister, born 2353, age 47): A former Starfleet nurse who now works as a civilian nurse at the university hospital in Tel Aviv, Earth.
When Ayelet was listed as MIA after the capture of DS17 by the Vaadwaur in 2387, Eitan's relationship with their mother was strained as she was upset that Ayelet had followed Tamir and Eitan's footsteps into the service.
  • Rafael "Rafi" Kadosh (younger brother, born 2359, age 41): An assistant professor of literature on Earth.

Friends and Notable Colleagues

USS Venture and Martian Colonies

Kadosh first met MacNeil when they served together on the Venture during the Dominion War. The engineer was a few years older than the marine and had just become a father. The two were later reunited when Kadosh was living on the Martian Colonies and MacNeil was working at Utopia Planitia during the 2380s. By this time, Kadosh had started a family of his own and was grateful for the advice on fatherhood from his former shipmate. Over the next several years, both the MacNeil and Kadosh families grew closer to one another, and their wives and children continued to socialize with one another after MacNeil was reassigned back to starship duty in 2388 and Kadosh a year later.

USS Drake

See also: 103rd Search and Rescue Squadron

  • Pandora: The android chief engineer of the Drake.
From what Kadosh has been able to see, the Drake's chief engineer was evidently programmed by her creators with countless skills, yet a sense of propriety in ordinary conversation was not one of them. Soon after Kadosh arrived aboard the Drake, Pandora made it clear that she would not refer to the marine as "Captain Kadosh" because the Drake only had one captain. She initially attempted to use the equivalent Starfleet rank of "Lieutenant" to address him, but Kadosh was able to convince her to use the more traditional "Mister" title rather than potentially have her address him by what the marines would consider a lower rank title. Since then, Kadosh continues to be amused at her blunt demeanor, noting that she could have made a decent marine.
  • Sinda Essen: A Bajoran/Cardassian hybrid and chief of security of the Drake.
The two officers got to know each other a bit during shoreleave while Kadosh was monitoring a SAR training exercise. Kadosh is reminded of his more youthful days when he talks to her, and he can't help but slip into his role as an older brother when he listens to her thoughts on her future.

Early Life and Starfleet Career

Eitan Kadosh was born on SD 235106.02 in Haifa, Earth. He grew up with two brothers and a sister on Earth and shared an intense rivalry in particular with his twin brother Tamir. After graduating from high school, both Eitan and Tamir attended Starfleet Academy, planning to become pilots. Tamir attending the general officers pool while Eitan chose the Marine Corps.

Kadosh served as a pilot during the war, flying Peregrine fighters. He later was a flight instructor while assigned to the Martian Colonies.

Dominion War

Graduating in 2373, the two brothers were quickly called into service when war broke out with the Dominion. For the next two years, Eitan was assigned to the USS Venture, which saw action in many of the war's pivotal battles. Tamir's ship was destroyed in 2375 during the devastating Second Battle of Chin'toka, which marked the entry of the Breen into the war. Fearing that he had lost his brother, Eitan and his family were relieved to find out that Tamir was one of the lucky few who had managed to survive aboard an escape pod. After that incident, the two brothers reconciled, although their rivalry continues, albeit as a sign of their camaraderie.

Ens. Ayelet Kadosh was MIA after the Second Battle of Eratis in 2387. Three months passed before Kadosh learned his sister was still alive.

Love on Bolarus IX

Following the end of the Dominion War in 2375, Kadosh was assigned to the Federation Embassy on Bolarus IX. There, he met a fellow Terran named Kathryn Severyn, and the two began dating shortly thereafter. Kadosh's mother Miriam had initial reservations about the relationship because Kathryn was Catholic and not Jewish like the Kadosh family, but the matriarch was soon won over by the young woman's charm. Eitan and Kathryn were happily wed in 2376, and a year later, their first child Adam was born. On Bolarus, the two were able to raise their family in a stable environment, and a second son David was born in 2379.

Ticket to Mars

In 2380, Kadosh was assigned back to starship duty aboard the USS Sentinel and then the USS Pioneer, taking him away from his young family for the next three years. This proved challenging for both parents, and eventually, Kathryn requested that Eitan seek a planetside assignment again. His request was subsequently approved, and he was transferred to the Martian Colonies to begin work as an instructor. There, he was reunited with a former shipmate of his from the Venture, Graham MacNeil, who was now working as an engineer at the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards. In 2384, Eitan and Kathryn welcomed their third child Eliora, whom Eitan nicknames his "little Martian."

Lost Little Sister

In 2387, Kadosh's sister Ayelet, a nurse aboard Deep Space 17, was listed as MIA and presumed captured or killed after the station fell to the Vaadwaur following the Second Battle of Eratis. Having already experienced the heartbreak of possibly losing one of their children during the Dominion War, this second scare was even more stressful for Eitan's parents because the Vaadwaur Occupation of the station lasted for three months. Miriam and her husband Ezra both pushed for Eitan to try to rectify the situation (Tamir having since left Starfleet to enter civilian work), but Starfleet was unable to assemble enough forces to launch an immediate counterattack. The news frustrated the two, and Eitan's relationship with his mother was particularly strained.

Starfleet finally retook the station through Operation Bright Star, and the DS17 survivors were liberated on SD 238709.19. Much to the relief of her family, Ayelet was discovered among them and was notably one of the few who had not been subjected to the Vaadwaur's mind control practices, having become part of the small Federation resistance

USS Drake

The Miranda-class USS Drake

In mid-2389, Kadosh learned that he would soon be reassigned to active starship duty. He was officially transferred to the USS Drake on SD 238906.16.

Peace Through Strength

Upon arriving aboard the Miranda-class vessel, Kadosh was quickly pressed into service providing security for a peace summit within the destabilized Jektim Imperium. Under the leadership of Major David Whale, Kadosh deployed members of the 103rd Search and Rescue Squadron into key defensive positions to respond to the aggressive stance of the Jektim special forces known as the Black Ravens. Despite the tenuous position the team now found itself in against the numerically superior Black Ravens, the Drake marines were able to successfully neutralize their opponent's tactical advantage and ensure that the peace summit could conclude without interference.

  • Noteworthy SIM

Watching the Kids Play

As the Drake crew enjoyed shore leave among the Shard Worlds of Ishkara, Kadosh chose to monitor a Marine training exercise led by Major Whale. While the Marine captain monitored the exercise from aboard the Drake, he was visited by Sinda Essen, at the time, the ship's chief tactical officer.

Calling in the Mechanical Calvary

Map of the Shard

Shore leave quickly came to an end with the Klingons taking the offensive against the Romulans. The Drake was ordered to reactivate an ancient sensor array whose control center was located on a desolate shard on the edge of the Ishkarian home system. Leading part of the away team on hovercruisers to survey the ancient city ruins near the sensor array, Kadosh watched helplessly as one of the Drake's shuttles piloted by Maravosh was shot down by mercenaries who quickly captured the other half of the away team back at the sensor array control center. Between rescuing the downed pilot or the rest of the away team, Kadosh and the others chose to assist the other away team members first when they witness a skirmish break out. Fortunately, other members of the Drake were able to get to Maravosh and her would-be captor.

The Keys to Gateway

With the Klingons now fully engaged with the Romulans, the Drake raced to reactivate the ancient Ishakarian sensor array aboard Gateway Station. Kadosh was sent with one of two teams to locate and activate the beacon. His team, led by Commander Karynn Brice, quickly discovered that the station was inhabited by hundreds of civilians, including children. The Klingons arrived shortly afterward in full force, but Drake is joined by the USS Avandar. Together, the ships thwarted the Klingon attack.

Upon activating the beacon, hundreds of gravimetric mines began heading towards the station. Kadosh, using an old trick he learned as a fighter pilot during the Dominion War, directed Sergeant Viktoriya Sokolova to lead the mines away with a well-choreographed torpedo flight path. The plan worked, and the team headed off to rendezvous with the rest of the Starfleet forces on the station. They soon ran into Pandora, though, and decided to escort her to an engineering control center. Once the Klingon threat was decisively dealt with by the rest of their crews, Kadosh and the others were ordered back to the Drake. However, a pair of children tagged along with the away team (and specifically to the android), and Kadosh was tasked with finding a way to return them to their parents.

Meanwhile, light years away, Graham MacNeil was killed aboard the USS Mercury, and Kadosh's wife returned to Earth to console the late engineer's distraught widow.

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