Eileithyia Sophronia

Ensign Eileithyia Sophronia is an astronomer and botanist on Starbase 118 Ops, where she spends most of her time in the botanical gardens or in stellar cartography, assisting Alastriona DeTroyes, and sometimes on the USS Narendra.

Starbase 118 Ops / USS Narendra
Eileithyia Sophronia.png
Eileithyia Sophronia
Position Science Officer
Rank Ensign
Species Human
Gender Female
DOB 237503.16
Age 26
Birthplace Olivine, a moon of Neon, orbiting the stars Silver & Gold, a B2/G5 binary star system.
Writer ID O239609AD0


  • Age: 21
  • Height: 170cm / 5' 8"
  • Weight: 49.9kg / 110 lbs
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Hairstyle: Shoulder-length blonde hair, often braided.
  • Skin Tone: Caucasian
  • Build: Skinny
  • Voice: Musical
  • Languages: English, Greek, Latin, Classical Greek
  • Reader: None
  • Birthmarks, None
  • Bearing: Shy and quiet
  • General: Surrounded by floral perfumes

Physical Appearance

Eileithyia is a tall, blonde woman from the volcanic waterworld, Olivine. Shy and quiet most of the time, she enjoys working behind the scenes, usually unnoticed by others. She will usually wear different kinds of floral perfumes. Usually, the scent of roses surrounds her, but she sometimes will try something else.


Eileithyia Sophronia is from Olivine, which is a moon orbiting a large ringed gas giant, “Neon.” The system is called, “Silver & Gold,” named after the binary stars there (Types B2 & G5). Neon has 9 other moons, but only Olivine has a colony.

Olivine is a volcanic water world, but the atmosphere contains many poisonous gasses, so exposure outside is limited. The colonists live in domed cities. Olivine has 26 hour days and there are 540 days in a year. The capital city is called, “Thyzon V,” but Eileithyia grew up in the city, “Surefire.” Although the technological level of the world is quite high, Olivine has a stagnant culture. There are a series of teleportation portals all over the planet, and the inhabitants have become fairly despondent, following a traditional approach to everything. The main form of entertainment on the planet are the elaborate wargames, which are fought by robotic armies all over the planet. The wars never go near any of the domes inhabitants.

Eileithyia was born after a terrible earthquake that destroyed much of Surefire. Her father Isaac Sophronia, was a musician, playing the guitar. He was born into a prominent Greek family. Her mother, Victoria is a geologist from New London. Her mother is very religious. Her father was persecuted and ostracized when he developed wonderlust, traveling offworld. He also had a small winged lizard as a pet.

When Eileithyia turned 12, her family moved into a different neighborhood. Eileithyia’s lost contact with her best friend Sophie for a long while. When she ran into her friend again, Sophie had become very competitive. Sophie became one of Eileithyia's fiercest rivals after this. Sophie has since become an outcast, pursuing a criminal life.

Eileithyia started gardening when she turned 15, and Horticulture became an elaborate hobby of hers, as she began to import alien plants (including species from Earth) in the gardens she created. A prominent person noticed her hobby, and procured her talents in his garden. With his help, Eileithyia managed to gain admittance into Starfleet Academy, where she studied astronomy, geology and planetology.

After graduating, she was assigned to the USS Calhoun, where she works in the Astrophysics department.


University of Thyzon V Botany, Xeno-Botany & Horticulture Starfleet Academy Astronomy, Geology & Planetology


Father: Isaac Sophronia (49) - Guitarist Mother: Victoria Sophronia (39) - Geologist from New London Siblings: Ellie Sophronia, Sister (23) - Living at Thyzon, Olivine Jace Sophronia, Sister (18) living at Thyzon, Olivine

Psychological Profile

Eileithyia is a strict traditionalist, and is a bit unimaginative at times. She tends to pursue known paths instead of trying to find a new way to do something. Dependable and honest, she is also concerned about becoming an outcast. Tends to be shy at times, spending much of her time alone. Dislikes wargames, robots, and judgmental people. Eileithyia will often sing to herself. Tends not to study in school, but will try to catch up while working in the field.

Character Traits for Storytelling

Eileithyia Sophronia – Strict Traditionalist

  • Archetype: Machine
  • Values: Patience, Persistence, Beauty
  • Symbol: Rose
  • Clothes: When not in uniform, she prefers simple clothes. Blouses, leggings, and lots of jewelry.
  • Style: Traditional, formal


  • Primary Weakness: INFLEXIBLE
  • Psychological: Eileithyia is a strict traditionalist, and is a bit unimaginative at times. Uncomfortable with change.
  • Moral: CONFORMIST - Eileithyia honors society and conformity over individuality.


  • Primary Need: FLEXIBILITY - To use her imagination more often to find unexpected solutions to problems.
  • Psychological: Respect individuality

DESIRE: To built a beautiful garden

  • Second Desire: To acquire new kinds of alien flowers for her garden.
  • Secret Motives: To promote natural beauty
  • Power, status, ability: Brilliant botanist. Learns very quickly.
  • Actions: Dependable and honest. Spends much of her time alone.

Specialties and Skills

A very patient person, she is very persistent, doggedly pursuing a goal until it is reached. Eileithyia can be a fierce street fighter. A religious person, she has faith that things will turn out for the better. Fluent in Modern and Classical Greek, Latin, English and a little French.


  • Uncomfortable with change.
  • Tends to follow traditions, instead of new ideas.
  • Eileithyia finds new innovations and new techniques hard to believe in.

Hobbies and Interests

  • Eileithyia loves flowers of all kinds, and has a collection of exotic plants.
  • Eileithyia would love to create a large garden full of exotic plants.
  • Playing her guitar.
  • Eileithyia enjoys singing too.
  • Above all, she values peace and quiet or listening to soft music.


  • Once she was caught outside of the environmental domes, and suffered lung damage.
  • Eileithyia has a tendency to catch colds more often and sometimes experiences difficulty breathing in exotic atmospheres.\

Service Record

Service History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Cadet First Class 239201.12 Starfleet Academy Cadet
Ensign 239601.15 Starbase 118 Ops Science Officer