Eighth House of Betazed

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The 8th House of Betazed is one of many ancient houses on Betazed. To be a member of such a social class in Betazoid culture is to be considered descendants of the Goddess, Karawati, herself and a part of influential ancestry. The 8th House in particular holds the qualities of Intuition, often to be believed and interpreted as housing the most gifted telepaths. Members of the house serve in various diplomatic roles. Over the last century, heads of the House have come from the Jaxx family.

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The Jaxx estate specifically is located in Medara. The family has lived in Medara for generations. The sizable estate is much larger than the family needs. A large staff is needed just to handle the upkeep in the areas of the house that are not in use. The grounds are kept pristine and surround a large pond with a fountain of Karawati in the center. The house is designed with a middle eastern décor.

Known members

Prestigious House Leaders

Paratia Jaxx

(Served 2275-2324)
Paratia was the great-grandmother of Andrus Jaxx. She was the first generation to live in Jaxx estates in Medara. With land in the mountains and near the shore, she often remained in Medara. She served as Ambassador to Vulcan for two decades before returning to Betazed to serve in the government of her own planet.

Lillianna Jaxx

(Served 2324-2361)
The eldest daughter of Paratia, Lillianna never left Betazed. Instead, she served as head counsel to the leader of Betazed. Often, she could be found in the mountains, commuting by transporter each day. The estates in Medara were usually unoccupied, as her and her husband Thadeus Jaxx (Rian) liked the silence of the mountains.

Bjenta Jaxx

(Served 2361-Present)
After the death of her mother, Bjenta assumed the role of Lady of the 8th House. It was one of the few houses that had never been headed by a male. It was a streak that would eventually be broken. Marrying Tylon Jaxx (Zeed) at a young age, she gave birth to two children, both boys. The eldest, Andrus Jaxx joined Starfleet, while the the younger of the two, Leton, remained on Betazed as a Colonel in the Betazed Defense Force. While growing up, Bjenta had come to terms with the fact that one of the boys would one day assume the role of Lord of the 8th House. She did everything she could to groom Andrus for the job, but he despised it. With him departing Betazed for Starfleet, she began grooming Leton, the only one of two that was interested in the future of the family.