Eicharon Particles

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Eicharon particles are created by injecting deuterium through a thoronic polarizing grid into a quantum induction field. The deuterium is carried as a fuel source for the ion drives and supplemental power generators of Valcarian starships. Eicharon particle creation causes tetryon radiation as a byproduct, which is channelled into the power systems of the starships. Eicharon particles are stored in special bipolar oscillating tanks until used. To avoid achieving threshold density within the tanks, excess eicharon particles are bled off into space through lateral particle vents. By concentrating beams of eicharon particles at a single point in space, a spatial rift is opened between our dimension and a Metaplane when threshold density is achieved. Since subspace does not exist in this Metaplane, faster-than-light travel using warp fields, and subspace communications, are not possible there. Warp fields will not form, although all systems will appear to function normally. Full impulse speed in the Metaplane would be approximately equal to Warp 7.68 in normal space. There are no stars, planets or other astral bodies in the Metaplane, though the odd stellar phenomenon such as gravimetric distortions, cosmic string "shadows" and quantum filament "echoes" do occasionally appear. Eicharon particles are also used in conjunction with the sensor systems to allow a ship in the Metaplane to "see" into "realspace." Microthresholds are created big enough for sensors to pierce the dimensional variance and scan normal space. Microthresholds last only briefly.