Eerie Sims/Holding Back

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((Planet surface, 350 meters from Vigilant))

Technician: Now Commander, where is the rest of your team?

Eerie: MY team, is out in this snow storm and even with the tricorders we can't pick them up, not in this mess. :: The wind and snow blew just a bit harder almost to put an emphasis to the point.::

Davis: Response

Technician: Now Commander, I doubt that every much.

::Eerie wanted to drive his ‘hands’ directly into their hearts. But training and the lives of the other crewmen restrained him.::

Technician: I want you to call out to them.

::Eerie watched as one of the traitors tried to intimate the doctor. The Brikar officer stood motionless as he gauged the situation looking for any openings. But with 4 armed traitors, he was not sure what could be done. One of the hostages would probably get hurt, if he struck. ::

Davis: Response

Technician: Doctor, I don't think I need to remind you what would happen should I fire this. Now...Call out to your Marine friends for help.


::Eerie was amazed level of incompetence of the traitors.::

Eerie: I lost my combadge in the snow. Anyways, it is not standard operating procedure. Why? ::Trying to get as much information out of them.::

Technician: Oh, I'd simply like to have everyone grouped together.

Kael: Why do you need to capture us? Why not simply take the Deuterium and let us go?

Technician: Lieutenant, I'm not exactly ready to let that information go so easily.

Kael: I'm sure our Captain, would be happy to speak to you, come to some sort of agreement.

Technician: Oh I have no doubt. Now Doctor, I'm still waiting..

::Eerie looked at the Doctor and nodded to him. He was hoping that Marines had seen what was going on. He also knew that two security teams should have been here alright. He didn’t know the security teams yet, but he knew that Naran was probably on the way with DeBarres. And from the brief meeting with her, she didn’t doddle.::

Davis: Response

Technician : That is better Doctor.

::Eerie made an half step toward the group trying to get with everyone. He knew that no one could physically overpower him. Even all four would not be able to contain a determined ‘Brikar’. If he could get close to two of them. He could be able to ‘end’ their existence in a matter of seconds.::

Technician B : Hold it right there, Commander. You just stay where you are at, I wouldn't want to vaporize one of your team.

Thomas: Response.

Eerie: If you harm either officer. No force here, will keep me from back. ::His words were dry and crisp. Eerie had raised his voice to make sure that everyone heard it, and remembered it.::


Written by
Lt. Cmdr. Eerie
Chief of Security/Tactical
USS Vigilant