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Eerie’s Tactical Major

Armory: Starship Phasers and Phaser Cannons Armory: Photon Torpedoes Diplomacy: Hostile Species Diplomacy: Non-Traditional Situations Engineering: Operations and Command Functions Engineering: Deflectors, Weapons and Security Systems Engineering: Base-Mode Operations Piloting: Minor Ships Piloting: Major Ships Psychology: Hostilities Survival: Captivity Tactics: Combat, Phasers and Photon Torpedoes Tactics: Combat, Minor Starships Tactics: Combat, Major Starships Tactics: Combat, Non-Federation Starships Tactics: Small Units Tactics: Large Units Tactics: Strategy of Battle 1 Tactics: Strategy of Battle 2

Security Minor

Armory: Introduction to Weapons Diplomacy: Hostile Species Engineering: Deflectors, Weapons and Security Systems Psychology: Hostilities Tactics: Combat, Martial Arts, Anbo-Jytsu and Federation Standard Tactics: Combat, Phasers and Photon Torpedoes

Eerie’s Core Courses

Administration: StarFleet Operations Administration: Chain of Command and General Protocol Diplomacy: General Engineering: Computer Memory and Personnel Interfaces Engineering: LCARS Programming 1 Engineering: Replicators, Transporters and Holodecks Engineering: Sensors, Communications and Helm Systems History: Federation Language: Federation Standard Language: (Non-Terran, Klingon) Level 1 Law: Federation, General Mathematics: Concepts Medicine: First Aid and Field Medicine Physics: Concepts Piloting: Runabouts and Shuttles Survival: Starship Emergencies Survival: Environmental Suits and Zero-G Training Tactics: Combat, Unarmed Tactics: Combat, Small Weapons Xenobiology: Concepts Xenology: General

Eerie’s electives classes (3)